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Poker Faces You Meet – A Tribute to Mama

September 28 LuckyLady

Editors Note: A Vancouver poker scene legend known to every one as ‘mama’ is now gone but never forgotten. To ‘mama’, you have given us some of our best laughs, sickest beats and your true genuine nature will always be remembered and in our hearts. RIP from the Vancouver poker scene and us at Lucky Lady Games.

poker legend

R.I.P Mama

Poker faces… and no, I’m not talking about Lady GaGa

Sorry about the late blog entry, I had a busy September and I finally found some time to write my blog this month.  I want to write about all of the great people I have met playing poker. I know some of us don’t really socialize at a poker table because we want to make money but… If you take the time to actually talk to some of the people you spend many hours per day with at the felts, you might actually meet some interesting people.

I have had the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends playing poker, these relationships mean a lot to me and I am grateful that poker brought us together.

If you really take a look, there are always some interesting characters that are playing this game we all love. I know that we are very focused when we play or we might be listening to music but take the time to have a little conversation with your neighbor; it will help make the game a bit more exciting.

There also is a tactical advantage you could gain by talking to your regular opponents, the more information you can gather about someone… the more information you gain

about their playing style and personality traits. If I talk to my neighbor and they tell me about how bad they are running this month or how they are struggling with bankroll issues that basically gives me a green light to bluff them off their hands and take away pots this way. I know this may sound sinister but I want to have any edge I can over my opponents. If you know someone is playing with scared money…that is pretty relevant information to have when you are playing with them on a regular basis.

Poker is a game of people, so why not take some time to get to know some of these people? I am not saying you have to become the poker room socialite, but if you can make time for some human interaction while you play, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

I want to end my blog with a tribute to one the local Vancouver poker legends that recently passed away in Vancouver. We all knew her as “mama” some of us may have been on the receiving end of a verbal lashing from her, but you can’t not help recognize her if you have played poker in Vancouver. She was famous for falling asleep on the table due to her famous marathon sessions, she was famous for hitting people when someone bluffed her out and she was even abusive to some dealers at times. We all sort of become accustomed to her behaviour because we all knew her as our “poker mama” I drove her home a few nights and even though I could not speak one word of Chinese, we could understand each other by non-verbal communication.

She would bring me food sometimes and give me lucky chips – Mama you will be missed!


Post by Mike Wiseman

Mike Wiseman is a Poker Pro from Vancouver, BC and has been playing poker for the past 8 years. He specializes in live cash games and can be found at your local Vancouver Poker rooms playing the 2/5 No limit tables. Tweet Mike with your poker questions and article ideas.

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