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A desperate plea to all poker players

July 3 Sandra Wong

I just got back from the WSOP cash grind in Vegas. Let me tell you, the games are in dire need of a resuscitation. I played the 2/5 and 5/10 stakes and the most games were mediocre at best. 

The games were filled with so many poker dorks/wannabes. Let me give you a brief description of these player types. Usually they are very quiet and will not interact with anyone at the table. They usually will wear sunglasses, headphones, scarfs and backpacks. They will sometimes have iPads and other electronic equipment. They will usually tank excessively and stare at their opponents for long periods of time. Also a very tilting trend that is spreading across the poker community like wildfire… the dreaded hand on shoulder syndrome! I’m going to start buying slings for these players who can’t keep their hands off their shoulders. Enough is enough!

poker-hoodie-players-cash grind

We need to make the game fun again! Let’s put the electronics away, let’s remove the hands from our shoulders, let’s take off the sunglasses and put them in your backpacks. We need to engage with people! Tell jokes, buy people drinks, have good conversation and try to make the table enjoyable for your customers. The players that consistently lose at the tables want to have a good time when they are losing their money. It’s our duty to make the games fun and lively so it will encourage the losing players to keep returning to the tables. Keeping the game fun will attract new players, the games will be less intimidating for new/recreational players. Why would anyone want to come to the table and lose money and be surrounded by quiet poker zombies? 


Please spread the word, we have to send this message out to the poker community asap!

Let’s make the game fun again!

Good luck at the tables and may you never be drawing dead.

Mike Wiseman


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