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Personas Grand Villa – Best Casino Dining Review

September 19 LuckyLady
Personas Grand Villa – Best Casino Dining Review

Personas Grand Villa Star Rating

Food:  2 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4 Star Rating
Price:  $$
Service:  3 Star Rating
Value:  1.5 Star Rating

Personas Grand Villa Casino Dining

I regularly hold my business meetings and girls night/coffee dates at local casinos in the Vancouver area.  I guess I do this because doubling up my meetings/dates with meal times frees up casino play time (I just realized how degenerate that sounds!). After my meetings I usually head to play some poker at the tables or do my slots ‘research’. The lounge inside of Grand Villa Casino has been closed for some time and it has been hard to get casual sit-down food in the actual casino (unless you want to eat at the bar or poker room), so I was happy Personas was re-opened.

Personas Grand Villa is designed really nice, just like the rest of the casino. The only thing that is not nice about the Grand Villa Casino is that the poker room tables are 1.5x bigger than regular poker tables. The tables are a gawdy lime green which matches nothing in the rest of the casino interior design. No idea why they chose this, but was told by another poker player that it was the wife of the owner that designed the poker room. We all joke that he should divorce her for bad taste cause we hate those tables so much. Totally a bad joke I know!

The Personas Grand Villa Experience

Upon entering Personas Grand Villa you get the feel of grandeur casino style dining. I have been here numerous times and must admit that the renovations are very impressive. Something is still off about the lounge space however as it feels cold and just echoes too much for my liking. You can literally hear the conversations from the other side of the room because of the room acoustics. No idea why that is?

The food at Personas Grand Villa is quite sub-par for its value. Maybe I am comparing it to other casino food I use to such as Vegas, but they seriously could do a much better job. The only reason I eat here is because it is convenient. I wish Vancouver casinos would take a bit more care in providing it’s patrons with the best food like Vegas does. The Personas Grand Villa menu prices look ok at first glance, but when the food comes it is nothing too exciting. The food quality is mediocre at best and the serving sizes are small. Not share-worthy size at all, which I think is a big negative because casinos are suppose to be a social atmosphere.

Personas Grand Villa Casino Menu

Personas Grand Villa Casino Menu

On a positive note however, Personas is that it is never too busy so if you want to be seated quickly, this is a good option. Other people must feel the same about this dining establishment and go here because of convenience rather than food quality.

Regardless of this restaurants downfalls, the Grand Villa Casino is still my favorite casino in the lower mainland for 2 reasons: 1) They always have close free parking 2) I love majestic purple.

Have you been to Personas Restaurant in Grand Villa Casino, Burnaby BC? Let us know what you think of it!!

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