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Grand Lux Cafe Palazzo – Las Vegas Dining Review

September 15 LuckyLady
Grand Lux Cafe Palazzo – Las Vegas Dining Review

Grand Lux Cafe Star Rating

Food:  4.5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  5 Star Rating
Price:  $$
Service:  4 Star Rating
Value:  4.5 Star Rating

Grand Lux Cafe is soooo good!

Seriously, if you never been here, do not get swayed by it’s name. I judged it by it’s name and after I ate the food, I will  never judge a restaurant by it’s name again.

It has a big menu and I have no idea why it is called Grand Lux Cafe. This place is far from a cafe. The food is some of the best I have ever tried.  The salads are big and grand. The fried foods and everything is good. I am hungry writing about it right now. The coffees and desserts at the Grand Lux Buffet are amazing. I regret not taking a photo of the carrot cake I had there as well cause it truly was the best in the world… just like the waitress told me it would be.

There are 2 Grand Lux Cafe’s located inside of the Palazzo of Venetian in Las Vegas. Not sure why this is, or if there are other locations in Vegas, but probably because it is so popular they had to open 2 of them?

This is truly a great casual dining experience that is unpretentious and relaxing. They also offer free wifi and the service is definitely a five-star experience. The food is definitely worth the visit. Prices are also great. The Grand Lux Café has easily become one of my favorite spots and restaurants to eat at.

The architecture and décor of Grand Lux Café is also more beautiful than you would think from the outside. Grand Lux Café is created by the creators of Cheesecake Factory and they have blended modern dining with the grandeur and luxury of European Cafes. Hence the name I guess… knew I’d figure it out!

If you have a chance to visit the Grand Lux Café you will not be disappointed and will want to eat there again before you leave!

Until next time,

Fat & Happy! Omm nomm nomm… Recommends Grand Lux Cafe!


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