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Gordon Ramsay BurGR – Las Vegas Dining Review

September 15 LuckyLady
Gordon Ramsay BurGR – Las Vegas Dining Review

Gordon Ramsay's BurGR Stars Rating

Food:  4 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4 Star Rating
Price:  $$$
Service:  4 Star Rating
Value:  4 Star Rating

Gordon Ramsay BurGR – Good eating America!

BurGR takes the traditional comfort of a burger and highlights it to a new level. We went there on a Tuesday and it was super packed. The line up wait inside the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas for lunch was about 30 minutes. It was not bad because we were surrounded by slot machines and blackjack tables to keep us entertained.

The Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu had a pretty innvoative idea of doubling as a napkin holder. When you fold it out, you get Gordon Ramsay’s big face screaming at you like with flames behind like he is in hell. I guess that is part of the experience because when you eat at Gordon Ramsay BurGR, you just wish you could hear him screaming what an awful job the staff is doing to your food!  Here is a photo of the Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu you when you arrive:

Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu

Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu

When you fold out the Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu it looks like this:

Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu - Ramsay's Face

Gordon Ramsay BurGR Menu – Ramsay’s Face

The prices in the menu are also not too bad. The Burger’s do not come with fries though… but you should order the sweet potato fries! The sweet potato fries at Gordon Ramsay BurGR is simply delicious and they are sprinkled with icing sugar. They also come with a side of homemade ketchup options. Curry Ketchup was weird but seem to be a favorite among my casino degenerate friends.

Here is a photo of the sweet potato fries at Gordon Ramsay BurGR! They are super crispy and delicious. I would say overall I liked the experience. I did not liked the wasabi and wings as it says it is wings but it is just dark meat thighs cut to look like wings. I am not a fan of dark meat chicken, so I don’t know why they did that. The thai chicken salad was also a great choice. Really enjoyed that.

The drinks and the dessert menu was also delightful. They also have popsicles on the menu which is great after walking in from the hot sun. Too bad they didn’t taste better though. Overall we think that BurGR is a must try if you are a burger lover!

Omm nomm nomm…. Recommends Gordon Ramsay BurGR


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