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I F*cking Loved Absinthe Las Vegas Show

July 13 admin
I F*cking Loved Absinthe Las Vegas Show

Absinthe Las Vegas Show Review

Recommended:  5 Star Rating
Show Quality:  5 Star Rating
Originality:  5 Star Rating
Price:  4.5 Star Rating
Value:  4.5 Star Rating

Absinthe, the Vegas parody of Cirque

If this title offends you, then Absinthe in Las Vegas is not the show for you. Might as well stop reading this review now & go back to your fucking boring and un-humorous life! <– if you don’t mind this type of rash over-the-top sarcasm then Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas is probably the show for you.

Im skeptical.

Anytime someone tells me “This show was amazing, you have to see it!” Im skeptical. “Oh, it’s so funny… you have to see it!” Im skeptical. “OMG, that was the best show I’ve ever seen!” Im skeptical. “It’s the best show in Vegas!” Im skeptical.

So now you know Im a very skeptical person when it comes to the suggestions from others and going to the show and being so overly hyped up about it I was expecting nothing less than sheer disappointment. Going with other skepical ‘nothing impresses me’ type friends didn’t help the cause either.

But you know what? I didn’t hate Absinthe… I fucking loved it! Not so much because of the usual hoopla of tight rope walkers, acrobats, strong men, gay love but because you just never knew what to expect next! I think if there was a show that summed up Las Vegas, this show comes pretty damn close.

Getting the tickets VIP cost us $103/ticket. Comes with champagne cept I lost my ticket cause I was already drunk. If you go on weekdays I heard for the same price you can get dinner included at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant at Caesar’s Palance. Not to be confused with the Planet Hollywood casino. I think there are lots of discounted seats for this, so if you are on a budget I heard they can go as low as $40.

Here are my notes from the show:

  1. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did!
  2. I never say things are ‘over-the-top’ but at times it was over-the top… but in a good way. Eg. Penny daydream masterbating session while riding a unicorn with a penis for a horn… yeah, it goes there.
  3. The girls were sexy & the boys were awkwardly sexy in a gross way
  4. The setting was cool, literally with fans & AC… (it is July afterall and can get hot in a tent) kinda like house of blues… but in a tent.
  5. The tent is not too big making it very intimate
  6. Make sure you get front row tickets, cause the audience participation part is super funny
  7. The main Gazillionaire host & his side kick Penny are fucking hilarious
  8. The reviews of Absinthe are spot on. “The show indeed is the perfect amount of raunchy, humor, nail-biting, and just plain old entertaining.”
  9. Because of how clever it is, it just might be one of the best shows in Vegas!
  10. Don’t go with ur parents or kids!

Overall, I f*cking loved Absinthe, and best of all it made me feel normal… even if it was just for a moment.


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