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Lotus of Siam – Best Las Vegas Dining Review

September 17 LuckyLady
Lotus of Siam – Best Las Vegas Dining Review

Lotus of Siam Star Rating

Food:  5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  3.5 Star Rating
Price:  $
Service:  3 Star Rating
Value:  5 Star Rating

The Lotus of Siam lives up to it’s hype!

Let me tell you first that I am very picky and skeptical when someone tells me anything is ‘THE BEST EVER’! I have eaten a lot of Thai food in my life all over the world and have declared many times that I found the best Thai food ever. So what do I think about the Lotus of Siam? Well YES, it’s the best ever! Right up there with my other best-evers, the Lotus of Siam is a gem of a find! You don’t have to be a Las Vegas insider to know about this restaurant because the food speaks for itself. People rave about it because they will most likely experience one of their most delicious meals of their life.  I don’t know why the Thai food at The Lotus of Siam is so good but it is. It is comparable to the any restaurants in Las Vegas and is in my Top 3 must-try in Vegas.

When the 4 of us got to the Lotus of Siam, we were starved. We had to wait an hour for a table and decided to have drinks at the adjacent dive bar where we played video poker. I dont remember what the bar was called, but the drinks were cheap and time passed quickly. We actually Facebooked photos of ourselves chillin’ at this bar, and the iPhone told us it was a gay bar? Didn’t seem that gay to me though as there were just some local regulars drinking beer. Located right beside the bar was a swingers club. We watched as patrons entered and we even got invited for a visit after dinner. Didn’t go because we ate too much, but very interesting Las Vegas strip mall that the Lotus of Siam is located in.

So finally when we got a seat, we ordered some sake. The place was pretty dingy and the chairs were wobbly. It was a mess in there so at first impression you would not think much of this place. When the food arrived, you would not think that it is anything special as it looks just like every other Thai food. But upon first bite, you forget everything else leading up to this point! The food is stupid good. The texture and the flavors all work so well together. Dish after dish is fantastic beyond belief. The Lotus of Siam is THAT good! This is one restaurant you do not want to go to when you are not hungry. You will definitely eat until you cannot eat anymore. We stayed until it closed and my girlfriend tried to order another appy at the end of the meal but they said that the kitchen was closed.

Lotus of Siam: Dessert Platter

Lotus of Siam: Dessert Platter

Seriously delicious and worth the wait, travel and price! Yummy!

Here is our receipt from our huge meal:

Lotus of Siam Food Receipt

Lotus of Siam Food Receipt

Sorry about the bad Lotus of Siam photos… my friends and I were just too hungry and I forgot to take photos before we all devoured it all. They hate when I take photos so I had to sneak a few in. A few weeks later, we wanted to eat at the Lotus of Siam for lunch but it was closed. Sucks cause we drove all the way out and ended up at BurGR by Gordon Ramsay.

So overall, The Lotus of Siam is amazing. Recommends Lotus of Siam!


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