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Ginseng 3 – The Quad Las Vegas Dining Review

September 17 LuckyLady
Ginseng 3 – The Quad Las Vegas Dining Review

Ginseng 3 Star Rating

Food:  3.5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  3.5 Star Rating
Price:  $
Service:  2.5 Star Rating
Value:  4 Star Rating

Late Night Pho in Vegas at Ginseng 3!

Coming from Vancouver BC, Canada, you appreciate a good bowl of Pho after a night of partying! And we found 24/7 Pho in Vegas at Ginseng 3!

Located on the 5th floor of the Quad,  Ginseng 3 is a great find. Cheap prices and good value, Ginseng 3 menu serves sushi, Pho, korean and other asian dishes. This is place is not high end at all. That is probably not the best way to describe Ginseng 3 because it is a casual low-key spot. The physical Ginseng 3 restaurant itself is clean enough. The service staff is limited and sometimes you get your food fast and other times slow.

Ginseng 3 matches the style of the Quad well, as that hotel is definitely lacking some much need TLC. I haven’t been in the rooms, but looked at the hallways and I was scared. The elevators as well are a bit creepy and at any moment you feel a rat is around the corner.

My last trip to Vegas I ate at Ginseng 3 a few times because it is convenient. Las Vegas has no other 24/7 asian food options which is very odd. The only other choices for late night dining in this area are Americanized food such as Johnny Rocket’s or Cafe Bellagio. Earl of Sandwich is further down the strip at Planet Hollywood Casino, but is a bit of a trek to eat if you are staying close to Harrah’s or The Quad. We partied quite a bit at what we call ‘The Best Worst Bar in the World’ – Carnaval Court which is right downstairs between Harrah’s and The Quad.

Ginseng 3 Pho

Ginseng 3 Pho

The food at Ginseng 3 is not horrible and the Pho is actually delicious. Next time you want a late night dining option in Las Vegas, don’t forget about Ginseng 3!

From the Quad Resort website about Ginseng 3 – 

“You’ll find a diverse, eclectic array of flavors at this Las Vegas Asian restaurant on the fifth floor dining plaza of The Quad. Ginseng 3 boasts an impressive pedigree, a legacy as one of Las Vegas’ most notable traditional Korean restaurants. Enjoy traditional Korean cuisine with a concept similar to owner In Chun Lee’s other Las Vegas restaurants, including the acclaimed DJK, and take advantage of 24 hour service and take a trip to the exotic anytime!”

What’s your favorite late night spot in Vegas? Have you been to Ginseng 3? Hit us up on Facebook! likes Pho at Ginseng 3!

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