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Cafe Bellagio – Las Vegas Dining Review

September 16 LuckyLady
Cafe Bellagio – Las Vegas Dining Review

Bellagio Cafe Star Rating

Food:  3.5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4.5 Star Rating
Price:  $$$
Service:  4 Star Rating
Value:  4 Star Rating

Cafe Bellagio – 24/7 open for good eating!

After a long day at the poker tables or in the pit playing slots, Cafe Bellagio seems to be a good spot to unwind for some late night eating. I actually have not had a trip to Vegas where I didn’t end up at Cafe Bellagio at least once during a trip. The food here is pretty good no matter what time of day you go. Whether it is breakfast or late night, the quality and service seems to be the same. Food seems to be served a bit slow however, but at least you know it’s fresh.

I like how the badges on the servers at Cafe Bellagio show what country / nationality the server is from. This makes for good conversation and is unique. (I like odd things like this). I think I’ve eaten most things on the Cafe Bellagio menu and the best things are probably the American classics like the Burgers. To be honest, the food is nothing too special or memorable but it offers a nice convenient setting to meet your friends. The price of burgers are around $15USD and entrees in the $20-$30USD range. It sounds a bit expensive, but comparatively not bad as you pay for the setting. For cheaper 24/7 eats in Vegas, you need to visit Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood Casino.

Walking to the Bellagio Cafe is a beautiful experience as well. If you have never been to Vegas, you will definitely want to visit the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. What they do with flowers and natural plants is breath-taking! Check out this cool snail made of flowers the last time I was at the Bellagio Cafe:

Cafe Bellagio Entrance: Flower Snail

Cafe Bellagio Entrance: Flower Snail

The Bellagio Resort Las Vegas

The first few times I went to Vegas I did not see the hype of this hotel. I personally love the Wynn and Venetian the best, but as I am getting older I really enjoy what the Bellagio has to offer. Some special features include the Bellagio Fountain Show, Gallery of Fine Art and of course the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. It is also the Vegas hotel that features the Cirque du Soleil ‘O’.  I really love the Bellagio Poker Room and Gaming Rooms as well. They offer many high-roller limit rooms and the hotel rooms are also very nice. What is your favorite Casino Resort? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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