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Earl of Sandwich – Las Vegas Food Review

September 13 admin
Earl of Sandwich – Las Vegas Food Review

Earl of Sandwich Star Rating

Food:  5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4 Star Rating
Price:  $
Service:  4.5 Star Rating
Value:  5 Star Rating

Earl of Sandwich Casino Food Review – Las Vegas Nevada

Every poker player I know was telling me that I must eat at Earl of Sandwich located in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas! I think there are locations all over the world, but no franchise exists in Canada, Asia or Europe that I know of.

I don’t know if it was because the Earl of Sandwich himself was a card player… but I like this man and for sure knows how to make a damn yummy sandwich! 

The history behind the franchise…

“In 1762, John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, had his hands full, literally. As First Sea Lord, he commanded the mighty British Navy, was a noted explorer, and also a dedicated gambler with a love of day long card games.

This led to little time for food, so he came up with the ingenious idea (some say at the card table) of putting meat between two slices of bread. From then on it did not matter if you were fighting a great sea battle or laying down a Royal Flush, you could eat great food without too much fuss.

Thus in 1762, the sandwich was named after its inventor, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Now 250 years later, the current 11th Earl and the Sandwich family remain passionate about the world’s most popular quick food that carries their name and have developed the sandwich everyone has been waiting for…”

THE WORLD’S GREATEST HOT SANDWICH — is right! Better than Quiznos, Subway… any other sandwich place.

I waited in line for 15 minutes before I got to order cause that’s how in demand this place is in Vegas. I managed to lose $25 in video roulette and Wheel of Fortune slots.

I didn’t understand how Earl of Sandwich could possibly be that good but it was! I over ordered as usual… I think my bills was over $40 for 2 people. The amount we ordered was insane, but it’s just how I do.

Every single thing on the Earl of Sandwich Menu was delicious, fresh & …. just delicious!

They are also OPENED 24/7… hell ya, what an awesome find for a late night meal in Las Vegas! Must go here!

My poker player friends were right! My tummy thanks-you!

Go here, seriously! Order everything… it’s cheap…it’s yum…and it’s just Las Vegas Awesome!

Omm..nomm..nomm!  I love Earl of Sandwich, I think I might open an Earl of Sandwich franchise, just so I can eat it all day. Recommends Earl of Sandwich!

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