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Wheel of Fortune Slots

August 9 LuckyLady

Wheel of Fortune Slots

Slots Artwork:  5 Star Rating
Slots Sound:  5 Star Rating
Game Play:  5 Star Rating
Fun Factor:  5 Star Rating
Bonus Games:  Spin Wheel, Progressive Jackpots

Susie Slots here… & let me just say, I love the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine!

There are different variations of the Wheel of Fortune Slots and each one has different bonuses or remixes with other Bonus games such as Red, White & Blue Slots, or Double Diamond and Triple Diamond. I like the classic Wheel of Fortune Slots, and I tend to hit the spin wheel every 25-30 spins on average.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

Wheel of Fortune Slots – $0.25 Cent Slot Machines

I have played the Wheel of Fortune Slot machine in Vancouver BC at Edgewater, RiverRock and Cascades Casino in Langley and in Las Vegas in the Luxor, Mandalay Bay and Caesar’s Palace and in New Orleans Harrah’s Casino and even in the Caribbean – Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. I guess this machine is everywhere and in every casino… and it seems to be popular and always has someone playing it.

I have won maybe $3000 in my lifetime on this machine and spent about $1500…so I’m happy! I always Max-bet this machine because that is the only way the spin-wheel sometimes gives you the bonus so be sure to read the rules before you play!

Happy Spinning!

– SS –


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