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Party Poker gets a New Look for 2014 & Goes Social

October 16 LuckyLady
Party Poker gets a New Look for 2014 & Goes Social

Party Poker Star Rating

Poker Artwork:  3.5 Star Rating
Game Sound:  4 Star Rating
Game Play:  4.5 Star Rating
Fun Factor:  4.5 Star Rating
Bonus & VIP Rewards:  4 Star Rating

Party Poker Gets a New Look & Goes Social!

It’s been a few months since I’ve logged into Party Poker for some poker action. The last time I was there I managed to win a poker tournament and then lost it all at Party Casino in blackjack and slots. After that, I vowed to take a break from the site, but I can’t resist the free $10 they sent me so on a whim I went back into the see what’s going on. If you want a free $10 bonus code to try the new Party Poker client as well, please see the bottom of this post!

Party Poker does have the best bonuses I think and also the softest tournament and cash game fields (don’t know if this is a general consensus about the Party Poker site, but I find these tables much easier to win than Poker Stars by a long shot!).  Why I don’t play at Party Poker more, I have no idea!

Party Poker - Brand New 2014 Bonus Codes

Party Poker – Brand New Ready for 2014

Party Poker gets ready for 2014 early by adding next level poker social features

What a surprise the new Party Poker is. 

I am not sure if I like it just yet, but I love the proactive initiatives taken by Party Poker to become more relevant by integrating more player retention features. Actually going back to the look, I hate the new brand… why would they do that? I loved the old brand and tables. I wonder why they ventured so far off the original brand. Umm…. leaves me confused? Maybe I am just not good with change. I do love that the game still has that party poker feel during game play though. The sounds have changed as well…no more cheering when you win but magical sparkles.

So after logging in and after the latest party poker software updates and 3 pop-ups, I was awarded with “You’re now the proud owner of a free ‘Golden Ticket’ to this month’s $30,000 guaranteed monthly main event.” Nice yes! Please give me more free stuff!

Some new features include….

Achievements and Missions

Earn achievements and challenge yourself with Mission.

Missions are a fun new type of challenge where you complete objectives to earn rewards and unlock new Missions. To get a Party Poker mission: Click on the mission progress bar in the top right corner of the client. Mission rewards are unique to each Mission and can include all kinds of rewards – bonuses, store points, tournament tickets and vouchers. You are only allowed 1 mission at a time.

Achievements are an extra layer of goals that you can complete to earn virtual trophies and climb in the rankings.

Play with your friends

Find your friends and share your achievements and wins just like you would with Zynga Poker. This allows for user created content and social buzz about the Party Poker brand which I believe is long overdue.

Once you have established a party poker friend relationship with another party poker player, you can interact with him commenting on news feed events; share some outstanding activities (eg, Achievement won, tournament registration, share a hand, etc) and view more information about this player.

Activity feed

All your recent accomplishments are available at a glance in the new Activity Feed, where you can also post updates and let your friends post comments

PARTY POKER BONUS CODE – GET10FREE1 for Free $10!  Valid until Nov 7, 2013.

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