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Undersea Treasure Slots

August 14 LuckyLady

The water’s just fine, so dive right in with this underwater-themed slot machine – Undersea Treasure Slots.

Playing Undersea Treasure Slots is an oceanic experience

Oceanic, mermaid and undersea treasure type slots themes are extremely popular… and rightly so! This theme offers a mysterious and beautiful blue water type setting where treasures abound and slot players want a part of the action. Play free 3-reel Undersea Treasure Slots online now at

Ready to test the waters? Make a break for the bottom of the ocean and take home some treasure! Bait your lines and make your bets and try to activate the bonus rounds. Choose to play between 1 and 9 lines, then give it a spin. Plus, bonus mini-games like “Doubloons” and “Oyster Bed” give you even more chances. If you want to know what your slots wager to win ratio is, click on on “Pay Table”. In here you will find the detailed payout list and bonus game triggers.

Undersea Treasure Slots on Facebook

Undersea Treasure Slots on Facebook

Undersea Treasure Slots is a popular slots title. This is a free to play slots game so no real money deposit is needed. In Undersea Treasure Slots, you win and lose Tokens, which can’t be redeemed for cash. GSN are also maker’s of social games Deal or No Deal, Mad Joker Video Poker, Video Bing, Tiki Island Slots and Triple Play BlackJack.

  • The Slots Artwork is great and simple, easy to navigate and understand where all the options are.
  • The Slots Sound is also good and not overwhelming to the ears.
  • If you love fish games, also give Lucky Lady Slots – Ocean Pearl a spin!

This slots game, part of the GSN Network also offers Pirate’s Fortune Slots, Slot Wheel, Card & Casino Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle and other social games where you can play against your friends and earn badges and rewards. You get started by registering and 12,500 bonus tokens and 200 Oodles to your new account if you join on their website. Logging in with you Facebook account also guarantees more coins.

The GSN website is annoying as it is flooded with blinking ads, but they make up for it in their Prize Center. In their prize center you can redeem something known as Oodles. Oodles allow you to earn mega prizes such as TV’s and Diamond Rings. You can also win smaller sponsored prizes including hand creams and lotions. Weird but…a win is a win!

For free 3-reel Undersea Treasure Slots, check out is a great download free and no installation required slots option for online slots players. It is available on all platforms including all desktop, mobile and tablet PCs.




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