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Slotomania – New Slots Features

October 4 LuckyLady
Slotomania – New Slots Features

Slotomania Stars Rating

Slots Artwork:  5 Star Rating
Slots Sound:  4.5 Star Rating
Game Play:  4.5 Star Rating
Fun Factor:  4 Star Rating
Bonus Games:  4.5 Star Rating
Entertainment Value:  3.5 Star Rating

Slotomania Fans love Slotomania…

If there was one thing I have to say about Slotomania, it is that they have so many devoted fans! Slotomania, created by Playtika and now a subsidiary of Caesar’s Entertainment has over 100 million registered slots players and over 10 million monthly active players on Facebook. Slotomania has grown from 1million to 10 million in just 2 years and continues to grow.

A simple yet intuitive slots game, this slots game does an amazing job at the free-to-play games model. They have regular daily rewards, achievements, new and engaging slots machines and most importantly a fan base that loves to share it’s news.

Slotomania comes in many different languages including: English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese. The game is also available on mobile devices.

It is very easy to play Slotomania. If you do not know how to play slots, once you are in the game, you will be shown a  quick video slots tutorial. All the games inside this Facebook slots game are 5-reel video slots. The bonus games on each machine are also very well done.

Slotomania Fans love to hate Slotomania…

There has been much buzz lately around the Slotomania brand as they try to monetize their players. They have recently released a 2013 – LoveBoat Slot machine and in order to play it, Slotomania has asked it’s users to pay $15 to unlock it. There is no way to play this featured slot machine unless slot players pay money, and the game is no different than the other slots games aside from the theme. From a business perspective, this makes total sense as Slotomania is in a position to test what works and what does not. Because social casino games only monetize about 5-10% of their total number of users, the Slotomania players that are looking for free slots play are of course upset. However, there are other ways in which Slotomania players can earn free coins, and that is by asking for coins from friends as well as completing offers. See video tips on how to earn free coins and spins daily from Slotomania.

This popular slots game  proves that gambling without material winning can be very appealing and is enough to entice millions of players.

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Latest News:


Slotomania Game Review

Encouraging kids to gamble? The Slotomania Facebook app could get banned in Australia for allowing underage players to participate. Slotomania, a gaming app for Facebook, is on its way to failure due to an increasing number of Australian teenagers engaged in playing and the game’s similarities to online video slots. Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, is set to introduce a bill to the Australian Federal Parliament to ban games that encourage underage gambling.


SOURCE: Casino Daily News,

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