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Free Slot Bonus Games

August 17 LuckyLady

Free slot bonus games in slots are probably my most favorite thing ever!

If you are a slots fanatic like me, you will know exactly what I mean when it comes to slot bonus games. During my slots sessions, I love playing games that feature slots bonuses as they are fun and generally add a deeper experience level to the game. As I progress through the slots games, the bonus levels are inviting mini-game breaks that give me more incentive to keep playing. Also when I do get to them, I expect to be paid off really great! Playing free slots online give me the satisfaction of trying a bunch of slot games for free.

When I am in a casino I always look for big jackpot games, and games where I can be social. My slots strategy in real money slots is much different than in play money games. I love the Sex in the City Slots game, and of course… I always choose Samantha. I recorded the slots game here for you. Let me know what you favorite slots bonus games are in the comment box below and I will be sure to try them out.

Free slots online with big huge slots jackpots and awesome slot bonus games even better!

I love Facebook slots games as well that I can play for free and get free coins daily. All the games seem to be really well done and have great bonus games are fun to play. I personally really like the ones where I can get multiple slots bonus games with multiple ways to win where I can multiply my wins big time. The slots bonus games are dependent upon the number of coins bet during the time the bonus is activated. For example, if you are playing 100 coins per spin while the bonus features are hit, then your bonus wins will be based on the 100 coin multiplier.

I know with social slots games that when you win, you only win play coins… but I still feel excited when I hit a big slots jackpot. It is a great feeling to work towards hitting a bonus round and a great break from the regular game.

Games with multiple slot bonus games are also fun to play and keep the slots game less monotonous.

bubble rumble slot bonus games

One of my favorite slot bonus games: bubble rumble from Slotomania

I can’t wait until something similar like Sex in the City slots comes on Facebook where a unified slots game with multi-player exists. That would be super cool. I think this is in the pipeline at Lucky Lady Slots.

If you have some free time, join me and Play Slots Bonus Games free on Facebook with me at Lucky Lady Slots.

– Susie Slots –

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