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Zynga CastleVille Legends to Mobile

August 16 LuckyLady

I don’t know about you, but I love CastleVille…

…especially the artwork, sound and ease of play! It definately takes me back to a fantasy land, but though it’s no different than the regular Zynga-esque formula to extract premium from it’s players, they do a great job overall and it will be exciting when it goes onto mobile because it will be another app I can add to my millions of other game apps to distract my toddlers while I am busy.

Zynga CastleVille Mobile

Zynga CastleVille Goes Mobile

“Zynga has announced CastleVille Legends, a sequel of sorts to Zynga’s popular Facebook game CastleVille, which launched in the fall of 2011. The Facebook game gives players a chance to build a medieval inspired kingdom, complete with magical creatures, spells and monsters to battle and defeat along the way.

The original CastleVille on Facebook skyrocketed to over 38 million monthly active players just weeks after its launch in 2011, but that number has steadily declined since. “

Do you like Zynga games or are you sick of them? Let us know!

SOURCE: Inside Social Games

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