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Game Design: How to Design Effective Achievements

August 20 LuckyLady

In-game achievements are a hot topic in the gaming industry.

Otherwise known as badges or gamification (in non-standard gaming scenarios), effective achievements need to make sense to other aspects of game design in order to achieve desired player performance and motivation goals.

Game Design: Lucky Lady Slots Game Achievement Quests

Game Design: Lucky Lady Slots Game Achievement Quests

There are many reasons why in-game achievements are used in social game design.

They are not necessary used to tell how well a player performs, rather awards progress and for doing things in a order the game would like you to progress or doing something spectacular to keep you motivated to keep doing it more (aka playing).

The article by Gamasutra provides great discussion about whether or not achievements have longevity and how to effectively use and design them if you must add them to your project.

“Player feelings toward them range from obsession to indifference and designers seem equally torn over their use. Controversial or not, achievements appear to be here to stay, so designers need to learn to utilize them to their fullest potential. Achievements, if they are intended to have a positive effect on players, must be a forethought, and not an afterthought, during the game design process.”

In-game achievement concepts covered include:

  • Measurement Achievements
  • Completion Achievements
  • Boring vs. Interesting Tasks
  • Achievement Difficulty
  • Goal Orientation

Read full article on Gamasutra about game design: The cake is not a lie: How to design effective achievements


Lucky Lady Games Exclusive

Lucky Lady Game Design Discussion Questions: Do you think that achievements and badging take away from a  social casino games or enhances it? For example, if you win 3 spins in a row, do you want a reward notification for it? or Does that simply break your flow in the game-play?

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SOURCE: Gamasutra

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