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‘Whale’ Social Game’s Big Spenders Metrics Analysis

August 23 LuckyLady

Social and Mobile Game Whales: Big Consumer Talk

Many people, referring to the general public that is not in the business of gaming, generally do not know what the term ‘whales’ stand for. When referring to the term ‘whales’ in game player demographics, they are usually talking about the less than 1% of users that spend a ridiculous amount of money in one game. When you hear of stories such as someone putting in thousands to hundred’s of thousands of dollars into a game, well… they would be considered a whale. EEDAR however, breaks this down even further to say that the top spending users, dubbed as ‘Killer Whales’, spend more than $50/month. That doesn’t sound like the crazy spenders we originally coined as ‘whales’ because in real money casino gaming, a whale would be worth hundred of times over that.

Social Game App Player Traffic Term: Whales

Social Game App Player Traffic Term: Whales

Lucky Lady Games is a socially conscious game studio and believes in responsible gaming.

This article and info-graphic is a bit offensive in terms of how the industry may view it’s players, because as an industry it is important to create value in social games, rather than try to milk the few people for their every last penny. But, regardless of labels, this infographic is enlightening and informative and worth a look.

This new report reposted by VS24/7 by EEDAR hows that the market is almost evenly spilt between male and female mobile gamers. It also shows correlation between the age of gamers, spending habits and other segmentations in data.

  • EEDAR’s latest study found that while women make up 65% of all mobile gamers, 66% of whales – the top 5% of spenders on microtransactions, largely responsible for all income – are men.
  • Furthermore, slightly more men purchase items at all – 53% of all male players pay, while 47% of all female players do.
  • The average age of a whale is 30, younger than average for payers, non-payers and in general for mobile games.
  • Whales spend up to 11.8 hours playing mobile games on average per week, while payers and non-payers both spend less than five hours each.

Interestingly, whales were also found to be big gamers in general, spending over 26 hours per week on video games.

Interesting data: Engagement was on par between payers and non-payers, indicating a non-linear relationship between spending amounts and total engagement time. Whales however, are the only segment that is 4 times the amount.

Social Gamer Traffic Whale Scale by EEDAR

Social Gamer Traffic Whale Scale by EEDAR

The so-called ‘killer whale’, claims EEDAR, represents a relatively small group of consumers – around 1 percent of mobile gaming’s total userbase – but each one on average spends almost $70 a month on games, making the group a prime target for many mobile outfits.

Keep in mind this data shown is on social gamer spenders on the social game industry as a whole, not just social casinos.



SOURCE: Pocket Gamer , VG477

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