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Roulette Slots: The Crack Cocaine of Gambling

September 9 LuckyLady

The Scourage of Slots in the UK is geting out of hand

Gambling has been an integral part of British culture — and since horse races in the 17th century, also of British economy. It is a 6 billion-pound industry in the UK and is responsible today for roughly 0.5 percent of the country’s economy. It also generates 700 million pounds in taxes a year.

Digital Roulette Gambling

Digital Roulette Gambling

In the UK  gambling is not only a part of it’s culture, it everywhere. Lined in the streets and neighborhoods of this country are little gambling holes as common as 7-11 convenience stores in North America. There is temptation of gambling at the corner of every block and it is getting hard for the citizens of England to avoid slot machines. Once only a few in distribution, slot machine gambling, specifically digital roulette machines, have reached over  33,000 units according to World Crunch. With over eight million Britons spending billions of pounds each year, many are starting to question what degree of gambling is good or bad?

What is digital roulette slots?  It is a roulette game with the spin wheel and table but no live dealer. Instead it is computerized and betting takes place on a digital screen, similar to slot machines. Looking every bit like roulette in a casino, the machine however, decides on the outcome.

Where is the government in all of this gambling talk?

“Every government loves income from tax,” Parkinson says. “In Australia and Canada, the government assesses and monitors the negative economic implications of betting addiction. Not here. Does gambling prey on the destitute and unemployed? Is this bad for communities?

Teddy Sagi is one of Israel’s richest people and founder of Playtech, value at $3 billion. He is cashing in on many casino style games including slots gambling, video roulette and other high stakes gambling machines. Why Playtech is mentioned so heavily in the issues with UK gambling is that it plays a role in each and every betting shop in the UK. Read more about Digital Roulette Gambling and the man who is behind the scenes of it all, Internet billionaire Teddy Sagi at World Crunch.


SOURCE: World Crunch

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