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Poker Stars Releases Social Facebook Poker App

November 22 LuckyLady
Poker Stars Releases Social Facebook Poker App

Poker Stars Facebook App - Beta Launch

Artwork:  4.5 Star Rating
Sound:  4.5 Star Rating
Game Play:  5 Star Rating
Fun Factor:  5 Star Rating
Bonus Games:  4 Star Rating

Poker Stars, the leader in online real money poker finally releases their app on Facebook. Was this highly anticipated? I don’t know, but I see requests all over my Facebook Wall to try out the loved poker brand and so I did.  There is something that I love about the Poker Stars brand and I think many people feel this way. They have done a very good job all across the board.

Upon entering the first time, you are introduced with an exciting Poker Stars video collage that is fun & jazzy. This I like as well because it gets you into the mood.

You are then introduced to a coin bonus via a scratch card.

This is something different that I have not seen in other poker games, but is common in social casinos. I find a deeper game experience by offer meta bonus games to break the monotony of poker is positive EV.

Poker Stars Facebook App

The game is built in flash and loads quite fast. It is recognizably different than their other properties which I like so you do not get confused. The color scheme leans towards a rich royal blue and the game selection offers Hold’em, Zoom, Sit n’Goes, Omaha and tournament.

There is a multi-table feature I believe, but you need to reach level 7 to unlock it.

Poker Stars Tables

Cool New Poker Stars Facebook Features

I picked out a few cool features here that is very cool integration for social that is unique from other social poker games such as Zynga Poker Texas Hold’em, Fresh Deck Poker and Ivey Poker.

The Replay hands features. Similar to BOOM, you can instantly review a replay a poker hand. 

Replay window - Poker Stars Facebook App

I love this next feature which I think is absolutely brilliant in online poker which is educating the player and giving value add to newbie players. This is fun and a good use of time when you wait between hands. In real money poker you can multi-table which gets rid of some of the monotonous boredom, but in social poker you are limited due to platform restrictions. I think Poker Stars did a great job combat this issue and am interested to see what other ideas they have for this.

Mini-games, Poker Stars Facebook App

This might not seem like a big deal, but I am also a fan of the Poker Stars Facebook App Footer. This is a great use of space for their brand beta to get player feedback and instead of forcing a LIKE popup to interrupt the player immediately, it is a subtle way to remind players to LIKE them.

Poker Stars Facebook App Leader Board Footer Design, Beta

I expected nothing less from Poker Stars and am impressed. The game plays well, the game feels like Poker Stars RMG and their dominance continues by being the best.

One thing that I don’t like though is that, even on social I still get stacked on the River! Rigged I tell ya, Rigged! J/k.

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