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Poker Personalized Video Program

July 30 Sandra Wong

888Poker jumping on the snapchat story feature to kick social up a notch…

This is a very cool way for player to show off their poker skills if their goal is to be famous.

Innovations like Poker Personalized Video Programs from 888 Poker are what is raising the stakes these days in the Poker world. We love seeing poker innovations like this one.

“888 was looking for a way to engage players in a new and powerful way in order to retain them. By using their stats and behavior and creating a personalized TV poker series; with a new episode each week, each player can see their progress and compete against themselves and other players”

There are 21 different data points that appear in the video includes an aggressiveness meter, a loose-tight meter, the number of knockouts recorded in tournaments and the nemesis for each player. As the player continues to create weekly videos the story will continue to expand to include more data including national rankings, gender and even playing patterns.

Each video includes built-in share buttons meaning that putting the video on Twitter, Facebook or even WhatsApp is just a single click away.

From Poker Stars Boom feature to millennial poker marketing for highlighting personal efforts like the Poker Personalized Video Program, the online world of poker is converging into the times as we know it. 

For those of you wanting to get on board, wait in line for a full public release.

Poker Personalized Video Program


SOURCE: Pocket Fives

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