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Facebook Adds Video To Mobile App Advertising

November 6 LuckyLady

Facebook giving advertiser more appealing options and promises that these 2 new features will improve the efficiency of app installs.:

Get efficient installs with video creative and CPA buying for mobile app ads

Facebook gets video creatives to engage new customers and get more installs for apps on mobile.

Potential customers will be able to click play to watch a video featuring your mobile app before installing the app.

Facebook’s announcement blog post quotes John Clelland from DoubleDown Casino, an early tester of the video unit:”In our early tests, we found that using video in our mobile app ads resulted in increased install rates and decreased costs per install. We’ve seen tremendous success with mobile app ads and are looking forward to using video to make them even more engaging with rich media like video.”

Bid on cost-per-action (CPA) to improve your mobile ad performance

Facebook has simplified the buying process for mobile app ads by giving you the option to bid and optimize for mobile app installs.

The company says that internal tests showed that paying based on installs instead of clicks meant that advertisers were effectively paying 20 percent less for each install.

Other related Facebook Mobile APP ads news: 

New Calls To Action In Facebook’s Mobile App Ads Can Help Publishers Reconnect With Users

Well, in an earlier blog post by Tech Crunch, the company says its ads can now help with what comes afterward, namely, keeping users engaged and active — and in some cases encouraging them to spend money.

According to Mobile App Ads (which launched about a year ago) have driven more than 145 million installs this year for advertisers, including Target, eBay, HotelTonight, and Kabam. And mobile ads, of course, have become a major driver of Facebook’s growth.

SOURCE: Facebook Developers, TechCrunch

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