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Variable payouts slots gaming laws

November 22 Sandra Wong

Slot Machines to add a skill component to their games to appeal to new markets

Both Nevada and New Jersey amended their gaming laws in early 2015 to permit “variable payouts” on their gaming machines, in order to pave the way for the presence of slots that incorporate some form of video skill-gaming.

For example, gaming law usually dictates that payout odds must be the same for all players, but variable payouts will allow better odds for players who are able to gain proficiency at a skill-based bonus game.

One of the big reasons for this is the increasing need to appeal to the younger generation and keep them interested in the casino genre. Esports is looked at, as well many other technology advances in casino such as Live Dealer where players get the comfort of REAL casino in the comfort of their own homes.


Slots with Variable payouts may hit a broader appeal to younger casino demographics

“I believe we will look back on the passage of SB9 as a monumental moment for the gaming industry and its overall evolution,” AGEM Executive Director Marcus Prater said.

It’s hoped that the new style of games will appeal to a larger segment of the population, and especially to a new generation that eschews traditional casino games in favor of other forms of non-gambling-related entertainment, such as video gaming.

Under the new concept, players might play a slot machine with an 88 percent payback, for example, but a bonus round with a video skill game element could ramp the payouts up to 98 percent depending on their skills.

“The slot floor will not transform overnight, but this will allow our industry to capitalize on radical new gaming concepts and technologies and give AGEM members the ability to unleash a new level of creativity for their casino customers,” said Prater.

How long this will take to implement no one knows, but most likely we will see this being test over social casino (future trends in social casino slots and table games) products first.

No doubt major bookmakers that have gaming portals such as bet365 slots will incorporate an element of skill within their games in the future.


SOURCE: Venture Beat , Casino.Org

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