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Breaking into Casino & Gaming Industry Jobs

September 1 LuckyLady

Looking for a job in the casino and gaming industry?

Well looks like the casino gaming industry is busier than ever & year after year, the need for casino employees is growing. From casino floor waitresses, pit bosses, casino dealers: blackjack dealers, poker dealers, casino security, slot attendants and more, the casino industry employees over a million people in the United States alone.

Casino Dealers Looking for Work

Casino Dealers Looking for Work

“The hospitality industry as a whole is entering what analysts are predicting to be a period of unprecedented growth, but no other sector is expected to perform as well as the gaming industry.

In addition to the long-time gambling strongholds of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there are now over 360 Native American-run gaming facilities in the United States. Together, these operations generate nearly $80 billion in annual revenues. The remarkable profit potential associated with the sector has prompted many states to re-evaluate their positions on gambling, and some analysts have predicted that further deregulation could spark even more future growth.”

A great way to figure out if a career in the casino industry is right for you, do you research and consider the pros and cons.

By searching on Google for ‘Casino Jobs’ is a great way to find local casino job listings and local HR firms devoted to listing casino jobs. Good luck in your job search.


SOURCE: HCareers

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