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High-End HTML5 Graphics: Goo Technologies

November 4 LuckyLady

HTML5 Casino Floor – Falsely labelled? is said to be built with HTML5 technology of Goo Technologies, but I can’t find a game anywhere that is HTML5. Can you?

“ says it has attracted an impressive number of new users in just two weeks. The site simulates a realistic casino experience for players with 3D technology that can be used to visit different rooms and tables. Players can play more than 850 games without downloading or installing any software. The entire experience plays in a browser, and the site is built entirely with HTML5.”

I went to Casino Floor and I have no idea where Venture Beat got the above statement from. The games all look like they are in flash to me and they load up with a flash bar. Sure the lobby is in HTML5, but this really doesn’t prove anything. Why they made that false statement “built entirely with HTML5”, I have no idea! If you want to see a full slots game that is completely truly built in HTML5, check out!

Latest HTML5 News with Goo Technologies

Goo Technologies has announced the launch of Goo Create, a professional platform for high-end web graphics, aimed at helping “regular people” create and publish high-quality 3D graphics using HTML 5, without the need for downloads or plugins.

Goo Create offers cloud-based software, available in a browser on any device supporting WebGL in HTML5. According to Goo Technologies, the platform can be used to create web graphics without the use of a single line of code.

“This new platform expands the development of professional interactive 3D web graphics to artists and creative people, whether they can code or not – a truly disruptive force not seen since the industry first began shifting from Flash to HTML5,” said Marcus Krüger, Founder & Executive Chairman of Goo Technologies. “Goo Create is built on and for WebGL-powered HTML5, allowing us to accelerate that transition and empower millions of creative people to build beautiful games and app content for the web, propelling forward a new ecosystem around HTML5 content. We’re laying the foundation for the future, more vibrant web, and we can’t wait to see what our community builds with it.”

According to the Goo Technologies website ” BE THE CREATOR: Whether you’re a designer who likes creative freedom, or a hardcore coder pushing the limits of the web, Goo gives you the tools to create amazing web visuals in your own way and without limitations. Goo Create and Goo Engine are specially designed to make your creation process as simple and smooth as possible without any compromise on performance and functionality.”

Using Goo Technology, we help the gaming world revolutionize the publication and distribution of games by enabling seamless instant and interactive 2D and 3D game experiences directly in the browser. This allows our customers to deliver their games as-a-service, in the browser and thereby increasing revenues and reducing costs by simplifying development and maintenance. Games can finally be published in all web channels and on all devices; computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Developers interested in Goo Create can sign up for the open beta at: To accommodate demand, Goo will expand enrollment throughout November.

SOURCE: Goo Technologies, Business Wire, Venture Beat, Inside Social games

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