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VIP Proxy Betting

March 19 Sandra Wong

VIP Proxy Betting is all the rage in Asian VIP rooms

What is VIP Proxy Betting? Basically, it is phone-in betting/wagering services, where you can get your gambling action right over the phone. Started in New York City in 1971 in legalized horse race betting, these days you can even bet on casino Baccarat right over the phone. Proxy betting or phone betting is said to account for 10% of VIP revenue, about $3 billion, last year in Macau alone. Because everyone has a mobile phone, proxy betting is becoming more and more accessible and a trend to watch for in the future.


Proxy Betting, a high-rollers game

According to Forbes, “…To get a private table, the player (or players on the same call so they know the betting on table) needs to roll at least HK$3 million (US$385,000) in the session. As with most regular VIP play in Macau, the game is baccarat. The player tells the proxy their bet(s), chips go on the table, the cards are dealt, the proxy tells the player the cards on the table and the results, then process repeats. Obviously, a trusted proxy is a key link in the chain.”

The laws in Macau still do not allow for public or live broadcast of casino gambling or live play, so confidence in the trusted proxy is key.

Proxy Betting gaining popularity in Asian…

Macau casino junket operator SunCity Group will open four more VIP rooms in Manila casinos by mid-year, which will offer Proxy Betting services according Morgan Stanley Research Asia Pacific. SunCity has been estimated to have shares of between 25% and 30% of Macau’s VIP market.

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SOURCE: Forbes, Calvin Ayre

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