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What does Trump presidency mean for online Gambling in the USA?

November 21 Sandra Wong

Donald Trump & the Online Gambling Industry

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to serve as America’s next Attorney General.

Trump’s attorney general roll back online gambling?

In his previous existence as a private citizen, Sessions’ new boss in the oval office advocated for both online gambling and legal sports betting. However, Trump’s path to the presidency was smoothed by large donations from Las Vegas Sands boss Sheldon Adelson, who hates online gambling almost as much as Trump’s combover hates strong gusts of wind.

Skepticism has been voiced as to the depth of Trump’s ties to Adelson, but the pair are evidently close enough that Adelson is one of several casino industry execs – including Steve Wynn, another online gambling antagonist – who were handed responsibility for organizing Trump’s inauguration bash in January.

“Sheldon Adelson — the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. — is the person who has bankrolled efforts to stop online gambling at the federal level. What else has Adelson done? He gave a lot of money to the Trump campaign.

This is a relationship that has been percolating for some time, with the possibility of an impact on online poker legalization.

If you think Adelson won’t have the ear of Trump based on the money he has given, then you don’t know much about politics. Should Congress get a bill to Trump’s desk outlawing online gambling, the odds of him signing it would likely approach 100 percent, given this relationship.”

It’s unclear if the Trump-Adelson bromance is strong enough that Trump would urge GOP legislators to pass the latest piece of Adelson-sponsored anti-online legislation.

Donald Trump & the Online Gambling Industry the bottom line

A Trump presidency’s impact on online gambling is certainly unknown, other than it’s not likely to be a positive.

The most likely — and most optimistic scenario — would be the status quo. That means online gambling can be legalized by the states as they desire, with no change at the federal level.
But within the range of outcomes is the possibility that online gambling is banned everywhere in the US.



SOURCE: Online poker report, Calvin Ayre

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