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Poker Robot Casino Dealers from Paradise Entertainment

December 26 Sandra Wong

News is spreading this December on robotic casino dealers

With headers such as “Would you play cards with this creepy robot” by Bloomberg Business and “Move over PokerFace robot dealers to swarm casinos”, the public does not seem to be sure about this advancement in casino technology.

In my opinion the hands look very strange although the body and face look quite realistic to a Live Dealer in a casino. What do you think about Robot Casino Dealers? Would the North America market take to this as those in Asia?

Will robot dealers be the answer to casinos in jurisdictions in the United States gambling markets where real, live, human casino dealers are banned?


After making her debut at a gaming show in Macau last month, Min and her clones will initially be introduced in the U.S., where labor costs in casinos are proportionally higher than in Asia and where humans, but not machines, are prohibited in some states from working as croupiers. Paradise is talking to potential overseas buyers, Chun said, declining to say how much the robots will cost.

 “We are the first gambling equipment manufacturer in the world that produces the human-like robotic dealer,” he said.
Experts believe having electronic table games—and robot dealers soon—is an overall good move for the North American gaming industry.
Last year in 2014, police in Japan raided an illegal casino in Tokyo where they found a robot dealer. This was the first published case of a robot dealers used in gambling.
Casino Robots and Poker Robot dealers are already in the market now. Would you play with one?
SOURCE: Bloomberg Business, Calvin Ayre

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