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The Future of Casino Games

September 2 LuckyLady

Are casinos using their player data in the future of casino games?

It’s no secret that online casinos and social casino games are data driven and reliant on metrics. The phrase from social games giant, Zynga comes to mind “We are not a games company, we are a data analytics company”.

With so many online analytics tools available to gaming developers and operators, measuring game player data is relatively easy and is a must-do if one wants to survive in the online casino space.

The Future of Casino Games

The Future of Casino Games

So what about real-life brick and mortar casinos? Are they looking into the future of gambling through player data and metrics? VIP cards, frequent player cards and rewards point systems all cater to personalizing a casino players experience.

With the cost of entertainment going up, will Vegas lose all it’s great odds available now? Will casino players lose their current edge and have to re-invent ways to ‘break’ the casino? What is in the future of casino games and will casino operators cater to their customer in the way the customers want?

“The casino floor is changing along with the rest of the resort to accommodate new spending trends and corporate ownership. Most games will be geared toward the leisure traveler who doesn’t pay much attention to odds or payouts. With that in mind, expect to see more 6:5 blackjack, worse video poker pay tables and tighter slot machine payouts on The Strip. That trend will continue to funnel gamblers downtown and to off Strip casinos to play.” – Read more about casino games future of live brick and mortar casinos at Vegas Chatter (Link Source Below).

What does the future of online casino gaming look like? Our future post about how the social casino gaming industry is changing the gambling online industry is coming soon!

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SOURCE: Vegas Chatter

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