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Be A Kick-Ass Gambling Affililate

August 16 LuckyLady

Just as I was researching gambling affiliates, the great pretty much summed up exactly what I was working on today! Must be a sign… but like it states, the days being an instant millionaire are over as the entire casino marketing online is completely regulated. The industry however continues to thrive and be extremely profitable, making those that are resilient and dedicated to making it work, still able to make it a lucrative investment of time and money. Calvin Ayre guest contributor Mary from Market Media states that “…if he knew what it takes to be a kick ass affiliate he would be doing it!” Well, at Lucky Lady Games we believe it’s not just one thing, but the right combination of everything… out smart, out-work, out level and be passionate about what you do, and aim to create a better world (whatever world/industry that might be) with what you have to offer!

“You have to be resourceful; you have to learn about what Google will allow and won’t allow. Those searches will bring up the top sports betting, casino and poker information websites or whatever market you are after, when you type in the relevant keywords there you will find your competition on the first pages of Google.  Go into those gambling information websites and gambling forums, most of them will have 100 of pages of content related to sports betting, casino games, and poker strategies.  Posting articles daily, which means you will need a good content writer or two.

You take the top listed gambling content and information sites and you formulate your own site with unique relevant content.  It is a daily grind, that when you do your research, what you will find is daily content added websites get the rankings and then get the players.” — Calvin Ayre

Ok, well this helps me out alot… nothing too crazy or outside the box and doable!

Are you interested in becoming a gambling affiliate? What are your tips? Feel free to share with us on the comments below.

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SOURCE: Calvin Ayre

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