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Video Poker Training – Learn to Play

August 19 LuckyLady

Video poker training is one of the most searched casino training topics on the internet

Due to the fact that it is possible to play a perfect game of video poker, many gaming enthusiasts are interested in learning how to master at least the basics so they can go into a casino and return some profits.

Though there is still much luck involved, the expected value of video poker is more apparent than other video gaming machines on the casino floor. Video poker, unlike slots, has a paytable so you know exactly what your payouts is before you play and if you know even basic poker draw odds, you can be selective how you play your hands for maximum value.

Every variation of video poker has a pay table showing what you can win with each hand played so you can adjust your playing strategy accordingly. Some games even allow you to play up to 10 hands or more at once, giving you max ways to win if you happen to draw a great hand.

The benefit of video poker training is that you will learn to play optimally.Video poker professionals all seem to tell that by using optimal video poker play, most video poker games will result in ~99% RTP -return to player. When combined with casino comps, house slots bonuses, promotions and more, you can fare well to make over 100% expected value. This is what makes video poker training so attractive to casino enthusiasts. This is also what has made the game so popular to those that want to beat the casino.

Video Poker Software

There are many video poker training strategy guides, strategy charts and videos that are free and simple that will help you crush proper video poker games. Some software will even test your skills so you know what level you are at and what training level you need to be starting at so you can get better. If you already know the rules of poker such as hand rankings (which poker hands beat what), you are ahead of the game.

Video Poker Training: Poker Hand Rankings

Video Poker Training: Poker Hand Rankings

Video Poker Rules

  • Video poker is 5 card draw poker
  • The goal is to make the best 5 card poker hand possible
  • When you draw a hand, you get to choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard and replace with new cards. You only get 1 draw on most machines, unless you are playing games with double or triple draws. See specifics of each machine when you sit down.
  • Once your draw is done, you get paid if you make a hand that is listed on the pay table and if not, you just try again.

Video poker is fun and a good skill-based alternative to slots. Even simple video poker training will go a long way.


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