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Charts – Free Video Poker Cheat Sheets

August 19 LuckyLady

Video Poker Charts are a player’s best friend for playing optimal strategy

In video poker,  charts can help you remember how to play in what scenario the particular starting cards come out in. If you are new to the game, the first place to start off with is by knowing that video poker is still poker, and that it follows poker hand ranking rules. Card suits do not matter in ranking for video poker as you are not playing against another player. Your goal is just to make the best poker hand possible so playing optimal, near perfect poker is possible.

Video Poker Chart Types

Because there are so many different variations of video poker, the rules and strategy charts for each different video poker machine may vary. It is up to the job of the player to make sure that the chart you are using is accurate to the particular game you are playing. Playing optimal video poker strategy allows users to gain casino comps very quickly and some games even offer a return of over 100% if you combine accurate play, progressive jackpots bonuses, slot promotions and other cash casino kick backs.

There are many strategy charts for video poker, and they all include basic strategy. Learning basic video poker strategy is crucial before trying to tackle advanced strategies. First step is to know and memorize your poker hand rankings. They are…

Poker Hand Rankings by Lucky Lady Games

Poker Hand Rankings Guide by Lucky Lady Games

Video Poker – Jacks or Better Strategy Chart

No matter what casino you are in, or where you are playing Video poker, it is always played the same way. You are dealt 5 starting cards, and you get to chose which ones out of the five to keep (hold) and the rest will be discarded and replaced with new cards. This Lucky Lady Games Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy will help guide you in your decision making in Video Poker.

If you have questions like ‘Do I go for the Straight or the 3 card Flush here?’ or Which high cards should I hold for a Royal Flush?”  This basic video poker chart is listed from best possible starting hand holdings to worst. Feel free to download and print for your own use.

Jacks or Better Cheat Sheet

Jacks or Better Cheat Sheet

Keep in mind, this video poker strategy sheet is just the basic strategy for standard Jacks or Better payouts. Things such as payouts changes, bonuses, game variations etc., all effect strategy so be sure to look into all these factors if you want to play at 100% of your game.

Good luck!


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