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Video Poker Strategy Cards

August 19 LuckyLady

Video poker is played like 5 card draw poker

The video poker machine gives you five cards that you have to make a decision whether to hold or discard. By choosing to hold the cards, you keep them, while the rest get replaced with other cards. Once the other cards are drawn, you get paid out by whatever is your top poker hand. Video Poker follows standard poker hand rankings and by simply using basic video poker strategy you are very easily able to play correctly.

Video poker is more reliant on luck and making the best poker hand rather than like other poker variants where you play against other players and have other options to win the hand such as betting players out or bluffing them off better hands than yours. No one has cards but you in video poker, and the only other cards in the game are the ones you receive if you do decide to discard some cards from your original draw.

Video Poker Card Designs

Here is a sprite sheet of what standard video poker cards look like on Casino Video Poker machines. Online you will find many variations on the look as each company may have it’s own unique style and design to the cards. If you play video poker quite a bit, you will start to recognize it’s distinct features and soon the play will become second nature to you.

Video Poker Card Faces

Video Poker Card Faces

Video Poker Strategy Cards

Video poker strategy cards can be very helpful to the beginning player. Strategy cards show you what to hold and when to hold them in relation to other hand possibilities. There are many different types of strategy video poker cards as there are many variations of video poker including Jacks or Better, Double double Bonus, Deuces Wild etc. The best place to find video poker strategy cards is online.

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