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Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is a digital casino machine game similar to slots and can be found generally around where slots are played in a casino. Video poker differs from slots however in that video poker a player has a choice of which cards to hold, as well as knows the odds and payouts before making that choice. Because of this, video poker is not completely reliant on chance factors, players who put some work into their game, can potentially have an edge over the casino. Putting in work into winning video poker, means knowing video poker strategy, math, casino comp structures/promotions, choosing the right machines etc.

The basics of video poker is the same on most machines in that 5 cards are drawn and players then select which to keep and which to replace. Knowing poker hand rankings and basic poker math such as the chances of hitting a straight or a flush, what cards to hold and which to throw away in which scenario is crucial playing perfect video poker. Playing perfect video poker starts with having a strategy. This is a great way to increase your casino win-rate and when combined with comps, you may be beating the casino in no time.

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