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Why Millennials Prefer Blackjack over Slot Machines

July 8 Sandra Wong

David Chang, chief marketing officer for Gamblit Gaming, a game developer that is one of the companies leading the way in the gamification of video slots, has put the finger on the matter in the best possible way. He said “You have as much chance getting a millennial into slot machines as you do getting your grandmother into playing ‘Halo’. Slots today are designed entertainment experiences, but for a completely different demographic, and that’s people who grew up with slot machines.”

Millennials Prefer Blackjack over Slot Machines

Slot machines are the best money making branch of the casino industry, both online and in real life, no wonder they are to be found in the largest numbers both among the canadian casino games at royal vegas and the casino floors from Las Vegas to tribal casinos all over the Americas. Besides being quite profitable for casinos, slot machines are generally considered the most attractive games in online casinos, too, by all categories of players of all ages. But when it comes to land based establishments, it’s either the offer that is too small, or the over-reliance of operators on a certain demographic, but slot machines have lost their edge when it comes to millennials.

When it comes to millennials, the slot machine has become a completely primitive game. Compare the slots with any of the games available today free on any smartphone, tablet, computer, gaming console or smart TV. Sitting in a front of a bulky, flashing machine, repeatedly pressing a button and hoping for the reels to stop at a winning combination is not at all what they consider entertaining. What younger generations seek in Las Vegas is not casino gaming – although they have been shown to enjoy casino games with a strong social or skill based element, like poker and blackjack – but entertainment. Shows, night clubs, parties. Not slot machines.

Online casino software developers are one step ahead of Las Vegas providers, apparently. The leading and most popular software providers have long ago introduced a series of social elements into their programs – either slots tournaments that give players a feeling of competition not just against impersonal random number generators, but against each others, and multiplayer slot machines allowing players to compete or collaborate toward a greater goal. The classic Las Vegas slot machine needs a major change if it wants to get back among the preferred goals of younger generations, Las Vegas execs say, and this can only be done by introducing social and skill elements into the game.


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