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What are Scatter Symbols in Slot Games

January 29 Sandra Wong

Wilds, multipliers, scatters – almost all online gaming fans know the terms, but many often confuse them. And, although multipliers are pretty self-explanatory and wilds act like a joker, most people don’t know what scatters are. Scatters are actually your best friend in online slots, as they only need to appear on a certain reel to open up the passage to free spins, bonus rounds or other extra features.

How Does A Scatter Work?

Some slots need a single scatter to activate a bonus feature, while some need more than a few. This can be learned by checking the paytable, which should provide you with basic information on what the special symbols in a particular slot do. The paytable also provides information on the winning combinations so you don’t miss any part of the action.

The scatter unlocks a special feature on online and video slots, usually free spins. Although a few classic slots have scatters, the symbol is much more common in video and online slots. The scatter symbol is usually specific to the game you’re playing. It can either trigger a specific bonus feature when the required number of scatters appear on the reels, but it can also be a simple icon included in winning combinations. The latter is a feature of simple online slots which don’t offer any unique features (such as bonus rounds or jackpots) apart from scatters and wilds.

Scatters have become a pretty common part of online slots, including slots with 5 and 7 reels and progressives as well.

Loads of Fun

Scatters were designed with the goal of making video and online slots a more enjoyable experience and we have to agree that the operation was a success. Triggering bonus rounds and extra features that are otherwise unavailable, scatters are a player’s best friend. Trigger the bonus round and get ready for massive wins!

As we already said, scatters don’t need to appear on a win line for you to win. When you spin a scatter, you’ll most likely get your stake back along with a multiplier, which depends on the number of scatters on the reels.

Most scatters offer free spins, which is a great way of increasing your chances of hitting big wins, if all else fails. Additionally, just like wilds, scatters can come in the form of sticky, stacked, and multipliers.

Scatter Payouts

The good news about scatters is that they multiply the total bet, not just the payline bet. This is why experts recommend playing more paylines – it may cost you more, but you’ll get the opportunity to trigger major scatter payouts. Most slots require 3 scatter symbols for a multiplier win or triggering a bonus round – for more information about the scatters on your slot of choice, we suggest checking the paytable.

As you can see, scatters surely make slots more enticing. They can lead to spectacular wins, so before you start playing a slot, check the paytable to see what they do. Then, you can use that knowledge to get the most out of scatters during your session, hopefully winning big.


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