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VIP Slots Programs

August 9 admin

VIP Slots Programs

Want to be a VIP?  It’s easy, you just have to plonk down literally thousands of dollars of your hard earned income.  In exchange you’ll receive comp rooms, dinners, advanced line-up, concierge services, and even show tickets which you could have purchased with the money you gambled away in the first place.  However, if you’re a lucky winner then you can get the best of both worlds.  The whole idea of a VIP was to make high rollers stand out with loyalty programs.  The other was to create a private room with no outside interaction from the public hence the VIP status.  For slots there are VIP programs that will reward you with extra cash for every spin you make. 

How Does the VIP slots system Work?

It’s usually designed to be a points system.  The more points you accumulate the more cash you can win.  Each spin alot to earn a certain amount of points while placing larger wagers will almost increase your points.  For example, if you played at a casino that awards 10 points for every $1 wagered on slots. VIP slots points can be exchanged for cash, when you reach a certain amount of them, lets assume it’s 1000 points for this casino. You can exchange 1000 points for $1, meaning that for every $1000 wagered on slots, $1 in free cash is awarded! Even though it might not sound a lot, it can certainly add up if you put a good amount of time in. The total points accumulated is not how much money you lost, but how much money wagered, so if you are winning along the way, those counts as points too if reinvested.


While the majority of online casinos often won’t offer anything more than just cashback for trading your vip points to cash, there will be some that will offer the so called tiered VIP club or another words multi level VIP system (MLM VIP). If you’re thinking of ML marketing it’s really not that far off from that structure.  Tiered stands for several tiers or levels of status that can be achieved by playing lots of slots. Obviously, the more you play the higher your VIP status will be, thus also higher value rewards awarded to you.

A great example of the tiered VIP Slots Scheme is Bet365 Casino, where online slots players can claim up to $1,000 monthly just for playing slots. This is of course on top of the regular bonuses & promotions as well as VIP point conversion. The total value is by far the greatest you’ll find in the industry.  In the poker world Pokerstars offer the bronze, chrome, silver, gold, platinum, Supernova, and the coveted Supernova Elite.  There’s a whopping $100,000 cash back with a slew of prizes like Porches and trips available for the highest VIP status.  The trade off is players usually are playing for tens of thousands of dollars on a continual basis if not more and logging in a ludicrous amount of hours online to achieve this status.  Maybe there is something to all this “VIP” biz. In order to achieve SuperNova Elite on Poker Stars which is worth about $100,000 in cash, you would have had to pay about $1.8 million in poker rake to get there.

Finding the right Casino VIP Slots Program

To find the best VIP slots programs means you’ll have to diligently do your research and learn to filter out the legit ones vs the fluff.  It’s all in the marketing.  For example, Caesar’s palace total rewards offers a Diamond or Seven Star status which offers things such an exclusive members only lounge for comped food and drinks, hotel rooms, VIP lines, car service and more.

Once you find the best one you’re on your way to earning bonus VIP slots rewards & extra money!


Lucky Lady Slots Free VIP Slots Online

Lucky Lady Slots Free VIP Slots Online

Lucky Lady Slots Casino is a free to play casino and rewards it’s VIP slots players with achievement recognition & status.

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