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The Invention of Penny Slots

August 9 admin

Casinos are always looking for ways to create new slot players and the invention of penny slots have done wonders…

When you look around the casino floor, it is evident that with all the different themed video slot machines you will find a majority of them are penny slots.

With the help of digital payouts on slot machines, the door was opened for micro-transactions in slot machines. Since machines are now mostly paperless, slot creators developed the first penny slot machine where slot players can literally play down to their last penny. The idea is simple: give people a cheaper slot machine so they can get more play with their money.

Penny slots mix low bet wagering with multi-lines bets, amount per spin and slot machine bonus incentives. This will give the psychologically feel of ‘cheap’ play/entertainment, because they have the option to bet 1 penny at a time. But slots developers know that essentially, the slot bets are virtually the same if you want to win anything substantial. And they also know that by giving players the option to increase bet sizing, they may very well do so, when they ‘hit it big’ and loose back their slots wins.

Super Penny Slots

Super Penny Slots

The idea of penny slots has been a huge success because they psychologically represent such great value for money.

Why are Penny Slots so Popular?

Are penny slots easier to win and better value than regular slots? What is the best penny slot strategy?

It’s because of the word “penny” and what it signifies in a casino player’s mind. The penny is the lowest form of denomination in North America and everyone in the world pretty much knows what a penny is. So, when we see a penny slot machine we automatically think, cheap, low-risk and affordable.

 The truth is however that although penny slots can be a cost-effective and fun way to play slots, it is still a chance game where one can lose a lot of money over the long term. Most penny slots being multi-lined, and multi-bet sized, the total bet per spin can sometimes reach higher than regular quarter or dollar slots. Casinos were smart enough to understand the psychology of gamblers and allow for bets up to .10 – .20 cents per line. If you were on a 50 line machine for example, the max bet could be anywhere from $5-$10.

With the growing popularity of online gambling, it didn’t take long for online casinos to add penny slots to their slot machine inventory. The popularity of online penny slots is growing faster than ever and there are no signs it is stopping soon.

Penny Slot Tips

Understand the machine you’re playing – be sure you read the rules first. Some slots may require that you play the max bet to qualify for the bonus or progressive jackpot. Read all about the Top 6 tips to winning Penny slots if you are looking for penny slots strategy.

Playing all lines on penny slots each time does not change the payout percentage. By playing more lines, it does however give you more wins because you have more ways to win. Winning increases the fun of slots playing plus gives you a chance to win bigger in the bonus round. Be careful about the amount you bet per line though, as it can get expensive fast if you add it to the number of lines you are playing. We suggest you read up on slots strategies if you want to increase your slot wins.

Most penny slots are 5-reel video slots. If you have never tried a 5-reel video slot and do not know what it is, try out free slots online to get yourself comfortable with it first.

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