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Types of Slots

An online guide to the many different types of slot machines including video slots, 3-reel & 5-reel slots, slots tournaments, social slots, progressive slots and jackpot slots. With so many different slot machine options, themes and styles, it can get overwhelming deciding which slots game is best to play. In this section we breakdown the different types of slots and provide slot reviews, slot machine features, slot machine payout rates and more so you can maximize your slots bonuses and winnings during your casino play time.

Three Main Types of Slots

Straight Slots: Slot machines that generally 3-reels using a standard pay-table. No bonus games beyond wild & multiplier symbols.

Progressive Slots: Plays the same way as standard slots, but have a small percentage of each spin going to a jackpot that is linked to a bank of slot machines that sometimes spans across many casinos.

Bonus Game Slots: Slot machine games that offer extra games of chance for winning that is usually activated by hitting a certain combination of slot symbols or lines. Bonus slot games include pick games, spin wheels, free spins and more.

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