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The Biggest Online Slot Wins of All Time That Would Encourage You to Play More Slots

December 5 Sandra Wong

Playing online slots has to be the easiest and simplest way to gamble. It’s one of the best ways for you to gamble if you only want to rely on your luck. Sometimes, some online casinos won’t even require to you make a minimum deposit to play a game of slots.

Many casino software providers are seeing how well online slots are doing when it comes to online gambling. This is why nowadays, you can already play many kinds and varieties of slots online. The biggest casino software providers like NetEnt, Play N Go, and Microgaming are popular for their online slot games like Mega Moolah, Gonzo’s Quest, and Book of the Dead.

Now, there are many misconceptions when it comes to playing slot machines, whether it’s online or not. Many still think that no one really ever wins from playing any online slots. However, this is simply a belief that many have to bury six feet below the ground.

Many of the biggest wins from online casinos are actually because of slot players. Here are some of the biggest online casino wins by playing slot games worldwide.

  • New Zealand’s Rawiri Pou

Rawiri Pou won a total of 10,144,395.82 NZ dollars when he played on Casino Land’s website and play the Mega Moolah Progressive Slots. Pou’s life has changed in June 2016. In an interview, he said that he’ll be spending the money on his family.

  • A Big Win from Greece

Mega Moolah slot is popular because of its humungous jackpots. In March 2009, this quickly became a favorite in Greece when it was announced that a Greek was able to win its jackpot at that time. The winner, Georgios M, was able to hit the 6.3 million Euros jackpot that this Microgaming slot had at that time.

  • Insomniac Student from Norway

There was one night when a student from Norway decided to use his free spins on He played a progressive slot game instead of trying to sleep that night. His free spin turned to a whopping 13.3 million US dollars. He was so surprised by what happened that he surely did not get any sleep that night.

  • A Female Slots Player from Sweden

In 2012, a Swedish player decided to play NetEnt’s progressive online casino slot game called Hall of Gods slot at Unibet Casino. The lucky player was able to hit the 7.6 million Euro jackpot, which was the biggest during that time.

  • 40-Year Old from Finland

This win from a man in Finland is inspiring and could even make you jealous. It is said that the 40-year old Finnish man only placed a 25-cent bet on a Scandinavian online casino at that time. His 25 cents quickly turned into over 24 million US dollars when he hit the Mega Fortune Jackpot.

  • 62-year-old Finnish Lady

Another Finnish has taken the Mega Fortune Jackpot in 2017. She also didn’t have to place a big bet to trigger the jackpot. It was reported that she only placed a bet worth 1 Euro which then turned to over 3.5 million Euros with just a hit of a button. When she was interviewed, she recalled that she and her husband wasn’t able to sleep due to excitement. They plan on going on vacation first with the money they won.

  • D.P.’s Win from Zodiac Casino

Another Mega Moolah Jackpot winner is a woman who decided to give Zodiac Casino’s slots a try in 2016. When this happened, she and her husband had a hard time believing what had happened. It was simply hard to comprehend that she won an incredible amount of 11.6 million US dollars by just playing at an online casino with her iPad. D.P. had to call the online casino’s customer support to confirm their win and the operator was able to assure that it was indeed her who won the jackpot.

  • Jonathan Haywood from the United Kingdom

A popular online casino win comes from a veteran from the UK. Jonathan Haywood is a British soldier who only had to place a bet worth 25p. It only took him 25 minutes to turn his bet into a big amount of 17,879,645.12 Euros.

Heywood won this amount in 2015, which has beaten an online casino win in 2013 worth 17,861,813 Euros in Finland. In an interview, he said he had spent the money for his dad’s medical expenses. He was also able to travel and buy plenty of things with this.


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