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Slots History: Iconic & Colorful

August 2 admin
Slots History: Iconic & Colorful


Slots history has a colorful & iconic past

Slot machines have become an icon to American gaming culture and undoubtedly the single most important asset to a Casino floor. Slot machines reportedly bring in anywhere from 70% to 90% of a Casino’s annual revenues, with some casinos even dedicated 100% of it’s floor space to these gaming machines. The history of slot machines goes back to the very early days of American independence and the story is a fascinating, colorful and beautiful one starting in the late 1800’s with a vision by a car mechanic in San Francisco named Charles August Fey.

Charles Fey invents the first mechanical slot machine called the “Liberty Bell”. The original “Liberty Bell” had three reels, and four symbols which included icon – the cracked Liberty Bell, a paytable and a large pull handle on the side. After testing out the original slot machine with the public, it was such a hit that Charles fey quit his job to pursue slot machines full time. The catalyst of slots history begins.

Over a decade, the slot machine grew in popularity and many other companies are now beginning to make their own games in this fast growing industry. Demand for new games were increasing, and a mad by the name of Stephen Mill introduces a new ten symbol style to each reel.

Slots continue to spread rapidly and design of the machines get refined to combat player cheating and flashier designs to entice players. Anti-gamblers, operators and legislators continue fight their differences.

Electronic micro-processors are introduced to slot machines for the first time to determine the outcome results of the games. Slots history gets electronic.  Aside from making the games more secure from slot machine cheats, the introduction of electronic slot machines also meant larger prizes, more sensory flares such as sounds, lights and multiple bet options. Bally creates world first fully electronic slot machine “Money Honey which eliminates the side lever.

A slot machine called the “Fortune Coin” hits the casino floors. Casino players don’t trust this machine as it was something new and they were not use to it but it would soon catch on fast with the help of the Video Poker machine.


Slots history finds life through the invention of video poker. While Bally’s rejected the introduction of Video Poker machines, IGT sees differently which eventually leads their rise to become the second largest slot manufacturer in the world by focusing on video reel slots.

Progressive jackpots are introduced and the first multi-million dollar jackpots are won due to advancing technologies in the ability to network casinos from different locations. Bonus games and branded machines

Slots history gets technology infused. Internet boom and the first casinos appear on the internet where slots players can play for the first time in the comfort of their own homes. Gaming regulators now need to look at online gambling more closely.

Slots become an interactive experience and not just played for real money. Social networks allow slots players a different type of slots action and the ability to play with friends across the globe. Slots become more video game-like. Slots players can enjoy slot games for free without ever depositing a coin.

Slots players can play at anytime and anywhere on any device as long as there is a wifi-connection. Lucky Lady Games launches the world’s first complete 5-reel HTML5 video slots engine which is cross platform and playable on devices including desktop PCs, mobile phones & tablet PCs.

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Lucky Lady Slots History Online

Lucky Lady Slots History Online

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