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Slots Glossary

August 2 admin
Slots Glossary

Slots Glossary & Terminology Sheet

Even though slots seem like a very basic and common game, there are slots terminology and lingo associated with it. Here is a slots glossary and terminology sheet that will help you start talking like a slots expert in no time.

  • Account – personal player’s account for depositing and withdrawing money.

  • Action: slot activity that includes all coins or credits played and winnings played or lost. Example: if you begin with $200 and win $50 during the session, your action is $250. Slots action also determines your comp points.

  • Annuity Winners – Some slot machine jackpots are offered in installments over a number of years. The winnings may be collected in one lump sum but there is usually a significant tax when this is done.

  • Auto game – is an opportunity to play slots without player’s participation, having determined bet size.

  • Bank: group of slot machines, also known as a carousel of machines. Progressive carousels are linked to play for a single top jackpot.

  • Basic Slots: have a constant top jackpot payout and a single payline meaning one line across the display glass on the front of the machine. Examples are double and triple diamond, red, white & blue 7’s or blazing 7’s.

  • Bet Max: is to bet the max coins for each play/spin. The best payouts occur when maximum bet is played.

  • Bet One: is to bet one coin for each play/spin. While you may play longer, it eliminates the possibility of receiving payouts for the highest jackpots.

  • Big Bertha – Big Bertha is slots lingo for the really big slot machines that are usually employed in casinos as attention getters. These slot machines are much larger in size than the regular slot machine and usually has multiple reels.

  • Bonus Added Slots: features for these mini-games include multi-spins, 5 reels, multi-lines, bonus games, wild symbols, scatter pay, multiplier and nudge-hold.

  • Bonus Feature: mini-games slots offer several bonus features. Example: free spins, multipliers, scatter pays, wild symbols and/or second-screen bonus event.

  • Bonus Multiplier Slots: Slot machines which offer larger jackpots when the maximum amount of coins are played.

  • Combination: A predetermined pattern of symbols presented in a pay chart, with a predetermined amount of winnings allocated to it.

  • Comps: All kinds of bonuses, goodies and/or free merchandise that you may get in exchange for playing in a casino.

  • Credit Meter: Is a visual display of money on the machine.

  • Denomination: The amount of money payable for one credit on a slot machine; the amounts range from 1 penny to as high as 100$ per credit

An amount of money equal to the deposit that a new member of a casino is receiving when registering for the initial time.

A free program that gives you the possibility of enjoying online casino games with no additional software required

  • Double Machines: When a winning combination is made, double machines payout double or even triple earnings.

  • Down Slot: The machine has an average payout rate.

  • EGM: Stands for Electronic Gaming Machine.

  • Free Spins: Free spins are awarded for free when a three or more scatter symbols appear in a row on the screen.

  • Fruit Machine: This is one of the oldest forms of slot machines and is known as a classic slot machine. The Fruit Machine has symbols such as cherries, bananas, oranges and other fruit.

  • Full Pay Machines: These machines have a bigger payout when maximum coins are used.

  • Hammer a Machine: This when a player plays the same slot for a long time hoping to win a large progressive jackpot.

  • Hit: This is slang for a win

  • Hopper: The money storage for a slot machine. For the modern slots this devices is no longer used due to use of paper vouchers.

  • Jackpot: Jackpot is the highest win possible in a casino slot game in gambling.

  • Loyalty points: Free bonuses obtained for playing than can be transformed into money

  • Max Bet: This refers to the highest amount of coins that a player is allowed to bet on a game.

  • Mills Slots: This machine was developed by Charles Fey and it was the first kind of slot machine to use fruit symbols and the first jackpot invention.

  • Multi-line: These are slots which offer multiple paylines.

  • Multiplier Slots: This is usually a bonus feature where payouts are multiplied up to 10 times.

  • Near Misses: This happens when a winning combination almost lands but makes a near miss.

  • No Deposit:  Free money that internet video games websites offer to new registered players in order to stimulate their real money games in gambling.

  • One-armed Bandit: This is the slang used for a slot machine.

  • Onesies: This is the slang word referring to the usage of coin per game.

  • Pay Cycle: Many players believe that once a machine has given a payout, that it won’t payout again soon. So people look for machines that haven’t had a hit for some period of time.

  • Pay Line: These are the winning lines on a slot machine. These usually cut right through the symbol on each real where a possible winning can be evaluated. Classic slot machines have up to nine paylines while video slot machines can have as many as 100.

  • Payout: This is winnings given by the slot machine to the player who has won the game.

  • Payout Percentage: This is the amount per wager which is deposited into the slot machine which turns into a payout or win. If the slot machine has a payout rate of 97%, then 97 cents per dollar spent will be the payout. The remaining 3 cents will go toward the casino’s profit.

  • Pay Table: This presents the amount of money won for every winning combination that could be made.

  • Progressive Jackpot: Money that increases upon every spin made by a player once a special combination is hit during a play.

  • Progressive Slots: A group of slots networked together that have a common growing jackpot. The jackpot depends on how much money is spent on the machines by players. The jackpots are very sought after by players because they can pay out millions of dollars.

  • Random Number Generator: This is a computer software which online casinos use to generate random wins. This ensures that the games are honest and fair.

  • Reels: These are the wheels which spin around while playing. The landing of these wheels determines whether the player has won or lost a game.

  • Reload Bonus: A casino will sometimes offer as a bonus the same amount of money on multiple credit buys.

  • Rollup: This is the sound that the slot machine makes when a player has won a game.

  • Scatter: Scatter symbols vary from game to game. These symbols are found mostly in video slot games and can add a considerable amount to a player’s winnings. Scatter symbols carry rewards when they appear on reels, and the more scatter symbols appear the bigger the win is.

  • Second Screen Bonus: Some video slots offer a bonus round on a second screen once certain combinations are activated.

  • Short Win: A short win happens when a player hits a large jackpot without spending too much time on the machine. A short win is when a player hits a large jackpot with very little playing.

  • Signature slots – Signature slots are the casinos own brand of slot machines.

  • Sizzling Slot: A slot with a high payout rate.

  • Skill stop, hold –  option that gives player an opportunity to stop reels in any moment of spinning.

  • Static Jackpot: The jackpot is a fixed amount which cannot be changed.

  • Slots Hold: This is the percentage of the payout which the casino keeps back in order to make profit.

  • Slots Glossary: Terminology sheet for slots that every player should learn to understand slot machines
  • Straight Slots: These are slot machines with a fixed payout rate.

  • Symbols: These are the pictures displayed on the reels.

  • Take Cycle: The machine will no longer give further payouts after one has already been made. Take cycle refers to the player taking his winnings and the game ending thereafter.

  • Tilt: The malfunctioning of a slot machine.

  • Video Slot:  A slot machine which has a video screen and which operates with computer technology software instead of mechanical reels.

  • Wager management – Wager management is a method of managing your slot playing bankroll. Breaking your gambling bankroll into smaller amounts for a specified number of gambling sessions and cashing out while your ahead.

  • Well – The well is the bin at the bottom of the slot machine that catches the coins when a player cashes out.

  • Winning Combination: The symbol combinations on the reels which need to be hit in order to win.

  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol replaces all other symbols except for the scatter symbol in the game in order to make up a winning combination. A wild symbol also has a multiplier function.

  • Zig Zag – Zig zag is a term used to describe the line that can be created on many multi-line payout slot machines. Instead of the line going straight across the screen or diagonal, the line is zig zag.

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