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9 Things to Increase Slots Winnings

August 13 LuckyLady
9 Things to Increase Slots Winnings

So you want to find ways to improve your slots game at a casino?

This article on ‘9 things to know to Increase your Slots Wins’ will get you on your way.

Believe it or not, there are certain moves you can make when playing slots games that will drastically improve your odds of winning money. There are also serious mistakes to avoid so that you don’t just feed your cash away into a machine.

Beating Slots: Power Strike

Beating Slots: Power Strike

Here are the 9 things about slots that will not only help you win more on slot machines of all levels and buyins but make you more aware of how slots work. By becoming a more knowledgeable slots player, you will also become a confident, and more intelligent gambler helping in your long-term positive expected value to winning money.

1) You never know when a Progressive slot machine will hit. The general rule to remember is that, the lower hit frequency slot machines pay out the larger sums. If you want more consistent wins, less risk per reward, play machines with smaller jackpots.

2) Timing & Luck! Every gambler needs this on their side. Slot machines results are put out by a random number generator, so if you are not hitting, it is not because the machine is fixed… you are simply a stretch of bad luck and it will turn around.

3) Slot machines at any casino, whether big or small, tune their machines to very similar payouts due to government regulations. So whether you are at Caesar’s Palace or Bally’s Las Vegas, your chances of hitting a jackpot are almost identical.

4) Bankroll management is key to any long term gambler. You need to know your limit and stay within it. Going bust or broke from chasing a slots jackpot is never a good thing.

5) Slot machine pay cycles are not reliable and just because a jackpot hit last time at $21 million does not mean it will hit again at $21 million. Slot machine pay cycles can however, provide better value of existing if for example it has not hit in a very long time and is due. This timing however is unpredictable, so you have to be the judge of that.

6) Do not expect the machine to pay out! If you put hundreds of dollars into a machine, and feel like you don’t want to waste your investment because you feel like it is going to pay-out and keep feeding the same machine to chase when it will pay out, you may be in big trouble.

7) Always use a VIP card or a player rewards card when playing a slot machine. This will guarantee you money or comps back for your pay, adding to your win or guaranteeing that you win something.

8) Don’t lose your slot ticket receipt. Treat them like tickets because they are. If you lose them, the casino has no way of replacing them… and if someone else finds them, that money is no longer in your hands.

9) Be sure to always look at slot machine payouts and odds before you start to play. Know what you are aiming to achieve and have a small goal in mind. Whether you are sitting down to get a free drink or hit the mega bonus, know how much you want to spend – set that limit and when you hit it get up and leave. The limit goes for how much you are willing to lose as well as how much you win.

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