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How to Become a Slots Millionaire Exposed

December 31 Sandra Wong

So today I was reading some Casino Industry Design news and this ad popped up on my screen which was labeled “Casino Insider Exposes 5 Winning Secrets” and that I needed to click more to learn how to perhaps cheat the slots machines in order to become a Slots Millionaire.

The exact casino slots ad was this:


If this doesn’t say cheating, I don’t know what does, and so out of curiosity I clicked it. While I don’t know who this ad is targeting, it is clearly a scam which I believe is the reason why real casino online business people with ethics have such a hard time passing dealing with regulation.

The ad landed on a casino slots landing page which claimed ” Online Casinos — The Real Truth Exposed! Does it feel like everyone in Canada is winning money online (even on their mobile phones) while you’re missing out? That’s because online gambling sites really are paying out millions of dollars and now it’s risk free, thanks to them now being regulated by the CA government.”

The top tips summarized to boost your casino slots chances of winning and becoming a slots millionaire are:

  • #1: Cash In On Risk-Free Money Bonuses

  • #2: High Payout Rates = Highest Chances of Winning

  • #3: Play progressive jackpots online for your chance to make millions!

  • #4: Not all online gambling sites are legal

  • #5: Don’t get greedy! Cash-out your winnings

    — You definitely don’t want to win millions only to put it back into the casino. Cash out your original bankroll plus a bit extra and use the rest to ride your luck.

Then went on to ask “Do you want to become the next slot millionaire?” which ultimately of course went on to list their choices on the best casino bonuses.

Step #1: Choose a Casino Bonus

– You can’t win if you don’t play.

Step #2: Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

– These types of slots are the hardest to win, but progressives are perhaps the only way to become a slots millionaire.

Step #3: Cash In On Deposit Bonuses

– This step does make alot of sense because if you are going to deposit money into a casino game, make sure that you are getting the most of your gaming dollars!

So be warned that becoming a slots millionaire isn’t that easy. If you are lucky, then of course that is a blessing but don’t be sad if you don’t win the first few times you play. The goal is to have fun, money is just the bonus.

New of Slots Millionaires

The biggest slots jackpot of 2015 included the MegaBucks slots machine that builds a jackpot base of $10Million! Remember that when you play these machines, to always max bet so that you can become a millionaire if you do hit! “To play it costs $1 a spin, but to quality for that top amount you’ll have to shell out $3. That sounds pretty steep, we know. But trust us, if you hit Megabucks with only a buck or two invested, you’ll leave with a jackpot in the thousands instead of millions. And just imagine trying to live with that.” According to

The lucky winner was Trinadad Torres, a 78-year-old woman from Magna, Utah. She played $100 before netting the $10,744,292.71 jackpot. Her plans include traveling to the Philippines and buying a yellow Mustang.


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