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Castle Builder II: A Different Kind of Slot Machine

October 25 Sandra Wong

Castle Builder II: A Different Kind of Slot Machine

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Slot machines, although available in an amazing variety of themes, and filled with a diverse set of side games and bonus features, are all basically the same. They have reels that turn, filled with symbols that stop at random on their win lines, forming combinations that either win or lose. They also have “wild” and “scatter” symbols with special roles in the game, and occasionally, further bonus symbols to trigger things like side games or jackpots. Castle Builder II, one of the new exciting slot games available at Vegas Palms online casino, has all of these. Still, it stands out of the crowd of all the other slot machines at the Vegas Palms and beyond. It is a unique game, unlike anything the Vegas Palms – or, basically, any other online casino – has offered to its players, and the main difference it makes is not in its “slot machine” part at all.

Slots going social

Social casinos have always had their own approach to slot machines, different from that of real money casinos like the Vegas Palms. They relied on things that were already usual at and expected from social games: experience points, achievements, and progression. Now, Castle Builder II turns the tables on social casino apps by using what they had and slot machines didn’t, combining the best elements of social slots and real money casino games into a brand new form. And the result is fantastic.

At first, Castle Builder II players need to select one of the two available builder profiles: Sam, the experienced builder that can finish a castle faster, or Mandy, the enthusiastic newcomer armed with free spins. Both of them will unlock kingdoms and building projects, gather achievements and experience points, and truly advance through the game. Even though it is not integrated with social networks – real money games are still frowned upon there – the game offers players the feeling of playing a truly social game through these elements.


In traditional slot machines, players have the same set of reels that they endlessly spin to gather as many credits or coins as possible. In Castle Builder II, the focus shifts from gathering coins to building castles. Players have to unlock all 15 kingdoms of the land, build all 75 castles, and interact with more than 300 characters – kings, princes, princesses, and suitors – in the process. When building the castle (this is done through the slot machine) they focus not on gathering as many coins as they can but on collecting all the building materials – stone, metal, wood, and brick – needed to finish the project. At the end of each building project, players have to choose one of the suitors coming to marry the occupant of the freshly finished castle – and they pocket the cash reward for a job well done.

This variety and anticipation makes Castle Builder II a unique slot machine, hopefully the first in a generation of similar games.


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