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PokerStars Beat the Clock – Zoom Poker Tourneys

November 13 Sandra Wong

The PokerStars Beat the Clock Zoom Tourney 

Fast Action – 4 handed Zoom where you have only 5 minutes of play to accumulate as much chips as possible. Once tourney ends, your win is calculated based on chips remaining and then paid out.

There are only $3 versions & $1 versions, and I just placed 5th and won over $10 with 4 times my starting stack at 20,000 chips. So… every $5000 chips you win about $2.50 at the end.

Another innovative game from PokerStars to promote their other game formats! Quick and fast casual poker at it’s best. Beat the Clock is probably something I will play regularly along with Spin & Go. I just wish they had bigger limits for play as that would be fun, but it’s so new so I’m sure they will introduce it soon once the kinks are ironed out.

The Starting interface of Beat the Clock – Zoom Tourney Sit & Go – Only $3 & $1 buy in for Beta but more limits coming soon.


Play poker table of Beat the Clock – Zoom Tourney Sit & Go Poker innovation


This is the perfect tournament for people that don’t have time! I love this on PokerStars! Yet another amazing invention.



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