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What does your Poker and Gambling Dreams mean?

August 13 LuckyLady

If you dream about money, does that mean you are about to win the lottery?

This post on poker and money dreams is not talking about the hopes of winning the World Series of Poker (though that’s a damn good dream to have and pursue!), this post is talking about literally sleeping and dreaming about money, poker or something gambling related.

Money Dreams, Poker Dreams

Money Dreams, Poker Dreams

Our nocturnal adventures may takes us on an amazing ride concerning endless seas of money and great fun or it can leave us devastated and in a hot sweaty mess.

So what do these dreams mean?

Here are some interesting takes on what dreaming about poker or casino wins may mean:

Lotto Numbers & Coincidence Dreams

We all want to be able to dream the winning lottery number, who wouldn’t? So what does it mean when you do? Well, duh, write them down and go play them.. and write it down fast cause you might forget. Unless it’s like those “4 8 15 16 23 42″ number combo from the hit tv show LOST, then maybe you have other issues you need to deal with first.

“According to the Law of Attraction principle, our strong focus on money situations we want to occur causes the Universe to arrange events, and provide us with signs of how to reach our desires.” says Jen Fuller, writer for Bukisa.

“A friend’s recent dream is a great example of this. She awoke one morning with the refrain, “the 2 and the 3, and the two underneath”, repeating in her mind. Her feeling of assurance about the importance of this message was so strong that she immediately drove to a nearby casino and bet the numbers 2, 3, 12, 13, 22, and 23 on a keno game slot machine. My friend won $1,200 for her bet.

Similarly I once dreamed of playing a particular type of penny slot machine and winning a big jackpot. In this dream the clarity centered more on what type of game to play instead of how to play. A few days later I followed the synchronicity’s nudge and won a $2,600 jackpot.”

Situational Money Dreams

If you spend alot of time at the casino or poker rooms, perhaps recently won lots of money, or maybe took a bad beat at the poker tables, and you dream of a similar incidence, then perhaps your brain is simply making sense of the situation by replaying the scenario. The dream could also be a self-help message or a sub concious coping mechansism to deal with your emotional stress level.

If you are one of those people that have reoccuring dreams about money and gambling, step back and see the real message. What is causing stress on your subconscious to have these dreams. Keep in the mind, stress can be a good thing or a bad thing.

General Dream Interpretation:
To dream that you are playing poker, suggests that a situation in your waking life requires strategy and careful planning. You need to think things through before carrying out your actions. Alternatively, the dream may also be a pun on “poke her”. Are you trying to get a girl’s attention?

To play at poker, warns you against evil company; and young women, especially, will lose their moral distinctiveness if they find themselves engaged in this game.(Source: 10 000 Dream Interpretations, by Gustavus Hindman Miller)

Poker Chips
To see poker chips in your dream, symbolize the uncertainty of life. Sometimes you need to take a chance.
Gambling on life, risk taking. Taking a chance on those aspects that are not normally part of your everyday life.
(Source: Myths – Dreams – Symbols)
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