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Kaveh Payman – Live & Online Poker Pro

January 13 LuckyLady

Kaveh Payman – Canadian Online Poker Pro, EPT Champion

Kaveh Payman - Canadian Poker Pro

Kaveh Payman – Canadian Poker Pro

Kaveh Payman - Canadian Poker Pro

Kaveh Payman – Canadian Poker Pro

When Kaveh Payman sets his sight on something, he usually gets it. Unluckily for the poker world, his eye is on Poker’s top prizes – bracelets, titles & of course the money.

I met Kaveh back in 1998 when he was a battle DJ in the DMC National Finals DJ Competition. He came second to DJ Wax but his turntable skills landed him a gig scratching on albums for R&B greats such as Jodi Watley. During this time he became my DJ mentor and one of my best friends for life. Our friendship has remained on that same course ever since and the only difference now is that instead of being connected by the turntables, we are now connected through poker. Kaveh’s love for the decks has never changed and you can find him in the online poker rooms under the screen name “Turntablist”. He plays mainly on and usually in the bigger tournaments.

Here is a photo of Kaveh & I having some tilt food one night after some bad beats.

kaveh payman poker pro

A few years back, I remember Kaveh telling me that he will win a bracelet one day, and this year he almost did just that in the WSOP London (Sept 2010).He’s had an amazing run this year, finishing in the money in four out of the six events he was entered which included a 5th place (~$49,800) win as his best showing in a live event to date. Kaveh has recieved tonnes of press coverage this past year as he went to final table of the WSOPE event as chip leader.

Brother to fellow poker player and another strong up and comer, Kayvan Payman (who recently took 5th in EPT LONDON Main Event for ~$309,000), these boys are both forces to be reckoned with on the felts. Nothing predicts future outcome like past history and Kaveh has the resume to prove that there is always room for him at the top.

Kaveh Payman on the tables

How long have you been playing? Since I was 18, so about 15 years. When we started all they had was $4-8 limit game and whenever the local guys at this underground spot would see us roll in, not only did we not have to be on the waiting list, players would get out of their seats to give us one. Did you lose all your money? Yes, we lost everything. We were such donkeys.When did you start becoming a winning player? Only about 7 years ago and it started online at but now that they lost their US players, i don’t play there anymore.

Favorite place to play? London. I’ve had the most success there so far.

Favorite Poker game? No limit Hold’em.

Who is your mentor in poker? Greg Raymur & Dan Harrington.

Any tips for upcoming players? Just play solid.

Favorite Food to eat while playing? Not in particular.

Favorite Hand? 6 – 8 spades.

Any lucky charms? the cereal?

Recommended books? I read Super Systems…not sure if it was because of the book, probably not actually, but the day after I read it I won a tournament for $12,000.

Do you play online? Where?

Hobbies? Golf, snowboarding

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