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Persia Bonella – Fresh from 2015 Nevada State Ladies Poker Championships

April 20 Sandra Wong

Persia Bonella – One female poker player to watch & fresh in the poker scene

You know when someone is semi-“new” to the poker scene and they have amazing run good because they have this confidence that just takes down pots? Well, that’s Ms. Persia Bonella. She is fearless, lucky and ready for wins so if you play with her, stay out of her way because she is not folding to any light bluffs any time soon.


Persia Bonella has had great results in the woman’s poker scene these past few years and her recent run-good continues at the 2015 Nevada State Ladies Poker Championships. She tell us… “My most recent accomplishment in Reno (Ladies International Poker Series) for the 2015 Nevada State Ladies Poker Championships, cashed in 4 out 5 tournaments played, including a package to Vegas during WSOP Ladies week, and a seat to the LIPS Grand Poker Championship Event. I have come back from being short stack in all 4 of the tournaments I cashed/won, including being down to 4 black (100) chips (when the ANTE was 300), and then climbed back up to finish in the money. Some players now call me “the come back kid.”

Persia has also sent me a great recap article link of the 2015 Nevada State Ladies Poker Championships by female poker legend Linda Johnson that talks about the Ladies International Poker Series, created by LIPS CEO Lupe Soto with executive director Angela Garcia, and Reno’s Regional Director Gina Trampusch, Kittie Aleman and Rachel Morris. Read more on the fifth annual Nevada State Ladies Poker Championship held at the Peppermill in Reno, March 25-29, 2015.

Here is a selfie I took of Persia and I in the park when she volunteered at a local Easter event for the community hosted by Real Estate Experts Mylyne and Associates. I met Persia through Mylyne at a party and like Mylyne Santos, Persia Bonella is a great person inside and out with a heart of gold. I am happy she is part of Vancouver Ladies poker scene.


Tell us about your 2014 WSOP LADIES RUN Story, I know that was a great example of not giving up ever in a poker tournament:

“I was riding high 2nd in chips ranking in Day 2. Then later on the day went card dead plus a few race beats to cripple me down to 12bb. Then 3-way all in action with my KK running into AA which I had covered and KJ called in BB as well which had me covered. Binked the case K on flop and I tripled up my way to final table of the Wsop ladies! Finished 6th place out of almost 800 runners!”

Persia Bonella is doing good is to say the least. Let’s get to know this female poker player more closely:

  1. Favorite Food to eat while playing? I don’t really like to eat when playing, but if I get really hungry and it’s still a few hours from dinner break, I like ordering from the Asian menu. 🙂
  2. Drink of Choice? Water
  3. Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why? I love playing at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe during WSOP Circuit in the fall of every year. The atmosphere is the most relaxed there out of all WSOPC rooms, and this is where it all began for me! My very first WSOP/WSOPC tourney was the Ladies ring event in Tahoe in November 2009. I final tabled and I guess I got hooked since then!
  4. Favorite Poker Hand? I try not to have one particular favorite hand as falling in love with one particular hand makes you play it differently than the game you wanna stick to. I like any hand that I play well all the way down to the river and makes me scoop up the pot, whether it is truly a winning a hand or a bluffing hand. 😉
  5. Favorite Player/mentors? I like Daniel Negreanu. On the women’s side my favorite is Annie Duke. These two are awesome poker players at and away from the table, displayed by their skills and sportsmanship at all times.
  6. Good luck charms? Haha I don’t really have one.
  7. Give us your #1 tip to share with other players? Guys, don’t fall in love with the 2nd nuts. Most of the time it’s not good enough and you will go broke easily. Learn to fold when you know you’ve got beat. To me the hardest thing to do in poker is to fold the 2nd best hand, but if you learn how to you will most likely be successful in this game.
  8. Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. I’ve only read a few poker books and I think the ones I’ve read really helped my game so I’ve been thankful. They are Doyle Brunson’s Super Systems, the Harrington on Hold ’em Series, and Caro’s Book of Poker Tells.
  9. Favorite Game? No Limit Texas Hold ’em. It’s really the only poker game I play.
  10. Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far. I final tabled and finished 6th place at the 2014 WSOP Ladies Championship. There were almost 800 ladies that played, and boy was I ever close to that bracelet! 🙂
  11. What are you working on right now in your game. There is too many to list here, Lol, but strengthening my middle game is at the top of my list. I have considered hiring a coach to help me improve at building my chip stack and protecting it all throughout the middle game, so that I can be in a better position going into the end/final table, then heads up play, and actually winning more tournaments
  12. Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans? I have so many goals for the future including finally playing the WSOP Main Event, entering the WPT scene and even perhaps traveling the world for my love of the game. It would be nice to go to WSOP Europe and the Aussie Millions. 🙂
  13. Also, what a cool name! Tell us the story behind “Persia”: My parents were living in Iran when they had me. Wasn’t born there but I spent my first year there as a baby.

Want to get a hold of Persia Bonella? She is not part of Twitter pokerverse yet, but you can tweet me Sandra Wong @astrogurl and I will pass on the message 🙂


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