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Louise Jean – Bracelet Bling into 60!

March 16 Sandra Wong

Louise Jean – aka Bling

Poker/Investor/Star/Canada’s Top Women Poker Players

Louise Jean is one shiny, or shall I say Blinging personality. She and I hit it off right away in the hallway of her first poker tourney and I don’t know what we were laughing about but I do remember laughing so hard until we both had tears. At that moment, we knew we’d be good friends and after spending a weekend with her during WSOP, I can honestly say this young blonde knows how to live life to the fullest! We did all the fun things poker players do in Vegas like eat 5 rounds at a seafood buffet, stack guys for all their entire roll in the cash games, and even got to kiss Phil Ivey in the Rio hallways. (ahem…It was just his photo…but I’ll take what I can get!)  Also, giving credit where credit is due, if it wasn’t for Bling that one early morning in Vegas when she knocked on my hotel room at the Rio with 2 muffins and a coffee “Get UP!!” I would have never went to cash my first WSOP event, which she railed me until the very end. Thank you dear Louise. I will be cheering for your big 60’s bling this year!


Louise Jean and I played a team event for Charity at the last annual Woman’s Poker Classic at Cascades Casino in Langley, which I consider still the best organized ladies event I ever played. Wish they would bring it back (hint hint!). The theme was pink and I believe over the years, the event raised over $100,000 for Breast Cancer Research.


From left to right, female Canadian Poker players: Jenika Peters, Louise Jean, Michele Foss, Sandra Wong

Louise Jean, tell us about your poker journey:

In 2009 I won a  satellite package worth $1,200 (at River Rock) to 3 events in The Women’s Poker Classic in Langley, BC and although I did not cash in those events it opened my eyes to The world of Poker for Women.

Until then I had only played small home games with friends and occasional online tournaments on The following year in 2010 I placed 4th for my first big cash of $5,930.00 in the WPC event, that cash excited me enough to seek some training and in 2011 I attended the Vanessa Rousso’s Big Slick Poker Boot Camp.

When Vanessa started comparing playing poker to investing In Stocks she got my full attention.  Since I am a day Trader and was a Commodity Trader for over 30 years I could totally relate to the concepts she was speaking about and that got me even more excited as I looked at poker in a totally different way after that.

I went on to cash in 4th place in Vanessa’s  Shootout Tournament Event at The Cassade’ s  in 2011 and  I was the only Women to make the final Table. Later that year I took a training in Las Vegas with Annie Duke and learned a great deal more from her and The Team of Pros she had on hand (who also played in a tournament with us after the Training) Playing at the same table with some of these pros took away some of the fears I had and opened my eyes even more to the competition aspect of the game.

Having always been involved in Sports Tournaments at a fairly high level primarily in soccer and golf as well as winning a Silver metal at the World Sprints in Outigger Canoe Racing in New Caledonia in 1986 and a Bronze metal at The Worlds Largest Long Distance Canoe Race, the 24th Queen Lili’uokalani  in Kailua, Hawaii Iron Man Division in 1995,  poker seemed to be a good choice game to take to a higher level of competition.  I’m all about competition. Always have been.

The following year in 2012 I finished 2nd in The WPC for a cash $13,900.00  which also included a seat to The Women’s Event at The World Series of Poker.

I followed that with a second place finish in Ladies Tulalip event in Washington which included a travel Package to Las Vegas where I also finished second in a LIPS, Las Vegas event.

In 2013 although I had some min cashes I was running bad for the most part and decided it was time for more training.  I stumbled upon London base NIck Wealthall’s online coaching seminars which took my game to a  totally different level again. By the end of 2013 I cashed in 3 Planet Holywood Phamous Series events, taking second in one event and chopping the other two events  3 ways and 5 ways to finish the year very successfully.

In 2014 Nicks training really worked for me, (and I accidently ran into him at the WSOP) What were the chances?

Now I was rolling…

In January 2014 I Took 1st at Ceasars Palace Winter Classic

In February I cashed in 4 WSOP Circuit events at Caesars Palace,  made one final table finishing 7th place  ( and won 4 satellite seats to these events )

In March I won a $1100 sa.t seat to event #4 Hard Rock, Casino

In April I took 1st  in  the Playnow 20K gtd Sunday event for a fine payday as well as winning several smaller events.

In May I won a $12,000 package sattellite seat to The WSOP main event on

In June I was 2nd in Vancouver Ladies First ever poker League (which is what I wanted to do since first place was a WSOP main event seat only and second was for cash  for $6,000K

In October I won a $777,00  Sattelite seat to West Coast Poker Championship Event and finished 30th

In December I placed 1st  (in the 2nd)  Vancouver Women’s Poker league

2015 has been a slow start but lots of big events coming up for me at the WSOP in Las Vegas since I’m turning 60 on June 1st i plan to take down a big one. Well that’s my plan and my Birthday present to myself.

Louise Jean Poker for

Oh and something you should know about me “I love re-buys ” I will re-buy as many times as it takes in order to have the advantage of a big stack.  I will take more Risk during that time frame and play way more junk hands to try and win big pots. That’s when my Gemini personality has the most fun,  High risk can Equal High rewards and that’s what Blings me to play poker.

1) Favorite Food to eat while playing?  I Try not to eat while playing unless something easy like a power bar to hold me over my most important thing I take are what I call my Brain Pills “Cerebrum” Omega 3 high dose Fish oil keeps me focused for many hours at the table

2) Drink of Choice? Water and more water the odd coffee  unless my friend April is around then I might switch to beer LOL

3) Favourite place to Play?  Las Vegas, loved the old Ceasars Poker room always got lucky there and love the Venetien (smells great there) and the Ceilings are awesome Love to play with all my poker pals in the Vancouver Ladies Poker Leaque we always have a blast.

4) Favourite Poker Hand?   AQ or QQ I have 4 Aunts and a grandmother that have passed and the Q represents them,  my Angels have helped me the queens  on certain dates 

5) Favourite mentors players?  My coach Nick, my poker pals April Facey and Nancy,  I admire Vanessa Selbts and Vicki Coren and all the Phil’s, Ivey, Helmuth, Laak,  Galfond but my Faves are Jonathan Duhamel and Daniel Negreanu and my fave celebrity is Jennifer Tilley

Louise Jean Poker - Canada Ladies Poker Players

6)   GOOD LUCK CHARM-  my QQ card protector and  a certain Hoodie

7) Give us your #1 tip to share with other players?  Play to Win not just to cash, mix up your game depending on your opponents and position not by your cards, don’t be rude to the fish be thankful they are calling you with crap (even if you lose to them)

8) Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. I read too many but Raisers Edge, by Grospellier & Co.  Tournament Poker and The Art of War, by David Apostolico, Heads up Tournament poker, Vanessa Rousso and Annie Duke 

9) Do you play online? Where? mostly sometimes pokerstars

10) Favorite Game? no limit

11) Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far.– final tabling ( Placing 7th) in a WSOP circuit event with my pal Nancy Birnbaum (3 circuit ring winner),  Winning Heads up match against my pal April Facey to win Ladies league season 2, and winning a seat to main event

12) What are you working on right now in your game or life? Watching more final table events online and TV, trying different styles of play, continuing to learn more. 

13) Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans?  I plan to play more events in the WSOP this year and more events in general in Las Vegas.

Since I  own a Health Store with my partner and still day Trade It makes it hard with two jobs to travel abroad for any length of time but I do plan to play some of the European WPT events someday as that’s at the top of my wish list as well has winning a WSOP Ring or Bracelet !  Gee I’m going to be busy. Oh by the way I got my AKA Nick name BLING FROM MY FRIEND TRIGGER AND TAM when we first met they did not know my name so they use to refer to me as  Bling cause i always wore so much jewelry and Bling stuff and it kinda stuck  so as I like to Say BLING me a Margarita and some more WINS!

Louise Jean is not only one of the most feared female players at the poker table because of her uncanny sense to know when to hold’em, her poker face is not one to be messed with. If you can find it through all the bling she wears! If you want to connect with Louise Jean, Tweet me @luckyladygames and I will pass the message, because I have convinced to get Facebook, and now I need to convince her about Twitter!


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